Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Brody by the Month! (1)

Brody turned one month old on April 30, 2015!
Sweet boy, I can't believe you've been with us a month already! Time flies by so fast! We all have been adjusting to a new family of 4 and you are such a great baby!
Brody, this is what you are currently doing:
  • You wore newborn clothes for about 2 weeks and then Mommy had to move you up to 0-3/3 months because of your length. 0-3 clothes definitely fit you the best.
  • You also wore newborn diapers for about 2 weeks, but we moved you up to size 1 diapers because of the amount of accidents you were having!
  • You weigh around 8 lbs 12 oz.
  • You eat about every 2-2.5 hrs and nurse 20-30 minutes.
  • You take several 1-2 hr naps during the day and we've even had a few 3 hr naps!
  • The first couple of weeks you woke up during the night normally 1-2 times.
  • You slept through the night for the first time on your 1 month birthday!! You normally sleep from 11-12 p.m until normally 6 a.m
  • You love your sister! She likes to take care of you all the time!
  • Your umbilical cord fell off when you were a week old.
  • You love bath time, but HATE being cold!
  • You peed all over Mommy and Daddy the first couple of weeks while we were waiting for your circumcision to heal, but after that, we pointed that thing down and stopped that! Daddy said you "sniper peed" on everything. 
  • You love riding in the car seat and are a total pro!
  • You like your swing and being held.
  • You like to be swaddled. Mommy wasn't sure if you did in the beginning, and thought you liked having your arms out, but after a few nights of not sleeping very well, figured out I was wrong and we went back to the swaddle me!
  • You are very laid back and so sweet!
  • You have very light brown/blonde hair. I'm interested to see what it turns out to be when you get older!
  • We've experienced the normal baby acne and peeling skin this month, but not much hair loss. I guess since you didn't have much hair when you were born, you didn't have much to lose! :)
  • You love your paci, but don't have to have it all the time.
  • You and Mom took several good morning naps your first few weeks because we were so tired! :) You're the best snuggler!

Brody man, you definitely have your Mommy's heart! I love you to the moon & back!

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