Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Brody by the Month! (2)

Brody turned 2 months old on May 30, 2015!

Brody, this is what you are currently doing:
  • You are still wearing 0-3 & 3 months clothing. We'll probably have to move you into 3 month clothing soon! 
  • You still wear size 1 diapers, but I might move you into Huggies overnight diapers because you've been wetting through your diaper every night recently. 
  • You NOW weigh around 11 lbs! When I took you in for your 2 month appointment, the dr wasn't happy with your weight gain. You weighed around 9.6 lbs. She told us that you needed to gain about 6-8 oz in two weeks. That didn't make Mommy feel good, so we had the choice of waking you up at night to feed you, or I could give you an extra bottle. We decided to give you a bottle of formula to fatten you up until you gained the weight she wanted. Well, that kinda backfired. You also went through your 2 month growth spurt and mommy couldn't keep up with feeding you, so we started supplementing with more pumped breast milk or formula. When we went back for your 2 week appointment, you had gained a pound and weighed 10.6! I was glad you gained more weight, but sad that we had to start supplementing with you. I know it's for the best and the only thing is that you're happy and healthy!
  • You did really good with your 2 month shots and only cried a little bit! You're my brave boy!
  • You eat about every 2-2.5 hrs and nurse 20-30 minutes. Depending on how much you nursed/how hungry you are, you get a 2-4 oz bottle after that if you need it. 
  • Your naps during the day range from how happy you are & how much you've eaten. Sometimes they're 30 minutes, or sometimes they are an hour or two!
  • You are officially sleeping through the night! You normally sleep from 11 p.m until normally 6-7 a.m. Today though I had to wake you up at 8:30 to feed you!
  • You still love your sister and light up when she comes around!
  • You are now giving us big smiles and cooing at us!
  • You still love bath time!
  • You love riding in the car seat and are a total pro!
  • You still like your swing and being held. We started putting you in your bouncer and you seem to like that better though! You kick and play with Mr. Fox! You also like to play on your play mat!
  • You still love to be swaddled.
  • You are very laid back and so sweet!
  • You still have very light brown/blonde hair and a little bit more of it this month!
  • You love your paci, but don't have to have it all the time.
  • You and Mom took several good morning naps your first few weeks because we were so tired! :) You're the best snuggler!
  • You took your first big trip with Mommy, Daddy, Abigail and Gram! We flew to Florida for Daddy's national gymnastic meet and you did so good! You ate and slept the whole flight down there and back. You did great at the hotel and had your first trip to the beach.
We love you so much sweet boy and can't wait to see what the next month looks like! :)

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