Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wedding pictures are here!!!

I'm so excited to announce that our wedding pictures are FINALLY here! Go to www.pictage.com/567704 to view and purchase!!

Happy picture viewing!! :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Honeymoon: Day 1

Bryan and I woke up on Sunday, June 28th, packed and headed to the airport around 10:00. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 12:45. Our cab driver asked what our flight # was and we told him, so he called AA to find out what gate we were at. Long story short, he couldn't find the gate, we talked to a flight attendant and found out that our flight time had been changed and we hadn't been notified. Our flight to Cancun was supposed to depart around 11:00 but thankfully the flight got delayed! So basically we were back onto our original flight time! God was really looking out for us that day! ;)
Bryan and I got to the airport and had a quick lunch at Fuddruckers and stopped by a candy shop to get us something to munch on during the flight. The flight ended up being not bad at all..it was only about 2 hours. The only bad thing was that because of all the mix up with our flight changes/times we ended up being "late" to check in and we literally got the last two seats available on the plane...it was SO packed. It was great that we got the seats, BUT they were not together! :( It was very sad and weird that we didn't get to sit together on the plane, but we survived!

It was also very ironic that when we arrived in Cancun this is the first thing we saw.
YEP! It was pouring rain!! We weren't very happy to see that and it's definitely not what I imagined Cancun to be like. However, thank goodness after we got our baggage and got through customs TWO hours later, it had stopped raining!! :)

Bryan and I took a shuttle to our hotel, the Riu Palace Las Americas! It was gorgeous! When we got out of the shuttle, they immediately took care of our bags and just told us to go check in. We checked in and were greeted by smiling faces and a complimentary pretty fruity drink!

We got situated in our hotel, relaxed for a little bit and enjoyed our balcony views!

That evening we went and made dinner reservations for the rest of the week and then went and ate dinner in the main buffet hall. It was pretty good and our favorite that night (and for the week) was definitely the fish! We strolled around the hotel and then went back up to our room for the night!
Definitely interesting first day of our honeymoon, but still exciting none the less! Stay tuned for Day 2!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

June 27, 2009

This was a day that I had spent dreaming, hoping, wishing, and planning for for 26 years! Parents, family members, and friends had also been praying for this day for 26 years..and it finally came true on June 27, 2009. On this day, I married my beloved..and it was everything I dreamed of!

The morning of the wedding was pretty uneventful, and thank goodness we didn't have any major castrophes! I had my mom, sisters, amazing matrons of honor and bridesmaids that were by my side, assisting me when needed! I don't know what I would have done without them! I'm so blessed!

Kyrbie and I got to the church (fashionable late of course ;) and joined everyone else to get ready. Everything went pretty smoothly from there on...we got ready, took pictures, and then went on our way!

I don't think I'll be able to express the feeling of those doors swinging open, seeing my beloved's eyes meet mine, and having my father walk me down the isle to give me away. It was a moment I'd waited my whole life for.

The ceremony was precious, truthful, and filled with love and commitment. We vowed 'till death do us part, he put the beautiful, sparkling, ring on my finger, and said "you may kiss the bride". It was perfect!

We were now Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Moss and officially now married! I was giddy with excitement!

The reception was so much fun! Everything looked amazing..the food was wonderful. It was so much fun getting to see friends and family and catch up with everyone! Overall, it was the best night of my life.

On June 27, 2009, all of my dreams came true.

(These are just a few pics that I grabbed off Facebook from Morgan. Our official photographers photos won't be finished for about another week or so. You can view some that Morgan took if you got to my Facebook profile, and then go towards the bottom. All of them were taken by Morgan Smith. Also, here's the Facebook link for all my bridal pictures that I couldn't post before! It's just easier going to the link rather than post them all on here! Let me know if you have any trouble viewing! Oh and we're also famous! Check out the story of us here!)


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