Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Abigail's 1st Football Game!

On September 14th, we went to Lorena to visit my family and to take Abigail to her first Lorena football game! Abigail was a princess on the drive down and I was thankful for that! We made it just in time to take some pictures with Papa before the game! I've been so excited and waiting for this moment since I found out I was pregnant!


She was such a good girl at the football game! We had a great time hanging out with Nana and cheering on Papa and the Leopards! We weren't able to stay for the whole game because little Missy had to go home, take her bath and go to bed. She slept great that night and the next day we went to lunch with Nana and Daddy at Newk's and then shopping for Abigail! That night wasn't so great for baby girl. She began sneezing that day and woke up that night at midnight with a stuffy nose. I tried putting her back to sleep, but she woke back up again. I knew that her nose was stuffed up, so I got the nose sucker out and sucked her nose out. She hated it but I got out a lot of green stuff, so I knew that wasn't good. Poor baby! She didn't feel good. We had to keep sucking her nose out the next day also so I knew she was getting sick. Except for the getting sick part, we had a great weekend!

Abigail by the Month! (3)

Abigail turned 3 months old on August 1, 2012! She is definitely more wiggly this time around, so our pictures weren't the best! ;)

 Abigail, this is what you are currently doing:

  • You still wearing mainly 0-3 clothes, most of your 3 month stuff is still too big!
  • You're still in size 1 diapers
  • Weigh around 9 lbs!
  • You're eating 3.5-4 oz every 2-2.5 hrs
  • Mommy nurses you in the morning when you wake up, when she gets home from school and then before bed. You have bottles of breastmilk when you're at the babysitters!
  • You're taking about a 30 min- 1 hr nap.
  • You still sleep all though the night! Sleeps from 9-10 p.m until normally 6-7 a.m
  • You play more during the day.
  • You began sitting in your bumbo! You're still small so it's hard to sit up all by yourself, but we're working on it!
  • You rolled over for the first time on August 26th!
  • You still love playing on your play mat and talk to your flower all the time.
  • You talk all the time. I'm hearing lots of new sounds!
  • You still love your bath time!
  • You still love riding in the car seat!
  • You are beginning to teeth! Your hands are currently in your mouth ALL the time! You normally suck on your index fingers the most.
  • Because of the teething, you are drooling A LOT!
  • You started going to your babysitter Tiffany's house and have done so well! You love that her older girls show you so much love and play with you all the time.
  • You don't nap consistently at Tiffany's. Some days you do, others you don't.
  • You had your first day at Mother's Day Out and love your teachers.
  • You always get glowing reports from them!
  • You are currently the only girl in your class! John Thomas is in your class though and he watches out for you!
  • Mommy and Daddy started back to school and it was crazy busy around our house, but you were such a good girl!
Abigail, you truly are Mommy's sunshine! I love you to the moon and back!:)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Small Steps!

We finally decided that it was time for Abigail to begin sleeping in her own room! She honestly has done so well that we didn't have any need to move her. She's always slept like an angel, all night long, since she was born in her bassinet, in our room. We have bath, dinner, swaddle, then Mommy rocks and puts her to bed.

I've been noticing that she's getting super fussy and throwing huge fits, not wanting to eat, etc. She's NEVER like this so I finally figured out that she was getting more tired earlier and ready for bed. Normally, I try to get all of my stuff done and myself ready for bed when she was ready to go to sleep. However, it's always a battle and I end up putting her down later than I'd like. I finally told Bryan that it was time, so we decided to move her into her room on Sunday, Sept. 30th! She did great with the exception of waking up at 3:30 am b/c she had peed through her pj's and swaddle. I ended up getting up, changing her, and feeding her since she was already up. For some reason it took me longer to put her back down. She would be completely out and then wake up when I put her in her bassinet. Finally, I was able to crawl back in bed at 5:00. Yeah, I think that was her retaliation for us putting her in her own room! Haha!

I was really sad the first night and kept looking at the monitor checking on her. I'm not ashamed to admit that I cried! I told Bryan that I just missed her! Bryan told me that we could put her back in our room if I wanted, but I said no. I was just being selfish wanting her in there by me. I knew the best thing was putting her in her room so she could go to bed early and get more sleep. I will admit though that it's nice not having to worry about waking her up! :)

I'm happy to report that last night was her second night in her room and she did awesome! Mommy did a lot better too!

This is a picture of her still snoozing away while Mommy was getting ready this morning. I love this sweet girl! Time, slow down.


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