Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Night Before First Grade!

Yes, that's the title of the book that I'll be reading to my brand new students in first grade tomorrow, because I am their new FIRST GRADE TEACHER!

Yep, the rumors are true, I'm no longer teaching Kindergarten. :( I found out that I was moving to 1st grade about 2 weeks ago. I wish I could say it's been an easy process, but alas it hasn't been. It definitely wasn't expected, and it was definitely a surprise. I was really upset and mad at first, but I handled it, and was able to move on.

We moved everything out of my old room to my new room, and then it's been a week full of fun inservice all week (NOT)!! Ok, well I will admit that it WAS pretty amazing to have the Laura Bush as our Convocation speaker this past Monday. ;) Other than that, I really have had NO time to work in my room and get prepared. At the beginning of last week we had about 48 kids split between myself and another teacher, which was not a good thing. However, thank goodness that we ended up receiving another allocation so we were soooo happy! We ended up having me and 2 other new teachers get we're all pretty much newbies! We've spent almost all week getting ready in our rooms so we're exhausted. I'm just ready to get tomorrow over and done with!

I know that moving grades isn't what I would have chosen, but I know that God has put me in this place for a reason, whether I can understand it or not! :) I'm excited about having a brand new name and a brand new grade and a brand new year!

Here's to new beginnings!! :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Good 'Ole ASU!!

I saw this on Facebook from a friend, so I had to put it on here for all of my ASU buddies/alumni! Way to go ASU!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009 Lilly!!!

No, I'm not pregnant and no, we didn't get a dog!! :) I'm proud to introduce you to Lilly, my new.....


Yep, that's right!! Last week Bryan and I made our first big purchase as a married couple, and were very excited! We knew that I was going to be getting a new car sometime within the next month or so, but we actually ended up getting it earlier than we thought! We ended up getting an advertisement in the mail from a Ford dealership in Terrell telling us about a big sale. Bryan checked it out and told me we could go check it out!

Well, long story short, we went to the dealership sat for an hour or so talking/walking with a guy at the dealership. Bryan wheeled and dealed with the guy until we got the price that we wanted!! We ended up staying at the dealership for oh, only about 4.5 hrs (something we definitely did NOT expect) but we got everything worked out and I got to drive my new baby off of the car lot! Whoo hoo!

We traded in my old Pontiac Grand Prix at the dealership and I was a little (but not too much) sad about it. I REALLY needed (and wanted) a new car that was shiny, and pretty, and actually had a driver's side window that rolled down! :) However, I will miss my old car. She lasted me for 7 yrs and was good to me. But, make no mistake, Bryan and I are very much in love with Lilly. We dubbed her so because I said she was a very classy looking car, and a classy lady deserved a classy name, then Jason came up with Lilly, so Lilly it was!!

We are very happy and excited! Yay for new cars!! :)


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