All About Me! :)

My name is Chelsey Sue Moss and I'm 27 years old! I'm the daughter of Donnie and Ella and the oldest sibling of Charity, Chessa, Cherise, Chase, Chandler, and Chalen. I'm married to my wonderful husband, Bryan and we just celebrated our 1 year anniversary! We were married on June 27, 2009 and it was the happiest day of my life!  I'm the daughter in law of Bob and Willa Moss, and sister in law to Jason and Whitney, Colby, Rachel and aunt to my precious nephew Everett! This fall I will begin my fifth year of teaching in Rockwall ISD! I have taught Kindergarten for 3 years and currently teach 1st grade. My husband is also a Chemistry teacher at Rockwall Heath. We attend Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall and love it! Now here are some random facts about me!
  • I'm addicted to Dr. Pepper
  • I love my students as if they were my own flesh and blood
  • I absolutely love the color pink
  • I love strawberry limeades from Sonic
  • I'm a country girl who loves the city
  • I make a big deal out of my birthday because I believe celebrating the day you were born is a big deal
  • I always have my toenails painted, no matter what
  • I believe that I am a good cook and love cooking for others
  • I love to dance
  • I know the words to most songs on the radio along with who the artist is 
  • I've discovered that one of the sweetest things is hearing a child's laughter and knowing you caused it*
  • I love getting flowers
  • I can't stand people who say they are going to do something and then don't follow through with it
  • I don't like cowards or lazy people
  • I believe that if you want something, you will have to work for it
  • I believe that it's not worth having, if you don't have to work for it
  • I love to sleep in and I love naps
  • I absolutely love my bed
  • I only sleep on one pillow
  • I abhor people who smoke and use bad language
  • I will someday travel to Australia
  • My favorite fruits are strawberries and peaches
  • I am obsessed with Texas Roadhouse
  • I love Jacque, Kyrbie and Morgan like my own sisters
  • I love my family more than anything in this world
  • I love Bryan Mitchell Moss and the life and love he's brought into my life
  • I love my Savior more than my own life


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