Monday, March 22, 2010

Germany, Days 1-3!

Well, I guess I've kept you all in suspense for long enough! I'll now try and tackle the huge post about our trip to Europe; however, I am going to break it up into smaller chunks (that way it's less intimidating to me and maybe you'll actually read and comment on it! Ha!)

Bryan and I got all packed up and headed to DFW. We had to turn around a couple of times before we actually found the parking we wanted which was in Remote South (and let me tell you it was REMOTE). We decided that $8 a day sounded better than $14-17 so we parked and rode the bus to the airport. We got all checked in successfully and made our way to the gate with plenty of time to spare. I have to add this funny tidbit in now. We found some empty seats and sat down to this very nice lady who started to talk to us. She and Bryan were talking about where we were all going, where we were from, etc. I had originally been sitting in between them, but decided to switch and let them sit beside each other so they could talk. Bryan is EXTREMELY like his Mother in the way that he could find any stranger and find some connection to them, end up talking forever to them, and becoming best buds. Well, I spent my time waiting for the plane by reading a book, and Bryan spent it talking to our new friend! It just cracks me up. She was really sweet and funny though!

We made our flight to Atlanta without any problems..except me being squished by my husband who has massively broad shoulders. This is an attribute I normally love about him, except when I'm sitting squished in a tiny airplane with the man! We had time to grab a bite to eat at Panda Express, YUM! And then make our way to the gate. We got onto our plane to Stuttgart and were on our way. We were a little upset because evidently they ended up changing planes and our seats got switched. They put us into the 3 seats in the middle which I wasn't happy about, but it ended up being ok because the 3rd person didn't show, so we had 3 seats to ourselves! That was nice! I will say that that trip was probably one of the most UNCOMFORTABLE trips I've ever made in my life. I didn't sleep but only a couple of hours (even with sleeping pills) and was just miserable. I couldn't WAIT to get off of that plane! I did read a total of 3 books on the trip over, so that helped pass the time! J

We arrived in Stuttgart early Friday morning and Whitney picked us up from the airport. We went to their apartment and were able to relax and take a shower so we felt more alive (and didn't stink as much J). We then went to go see Jason at work and had lunch on base. After that we did a couple of errands and then went back to pick up Jason. By this time, jetlag was SERIOUSLY kicking our butts and it was all I could do to keep my eyes open. When we all got back to the apartment, I couldn't help myself and went and took a 2 hour nap. I was still tired when I woke up! Whitney fixed a lovely dinner for us, and we spent time watching episodes of "The Big Bang Theory". We ended up going to bed that night around 8:00 p.m! I didn't wake up until around 9-10 the next morning! Yep, I definitely slept over 13 hours! I love me some sleep! J

Day 2 in Stuttgart was spent riding the train for the first time to downtown Stuttgart to do some shopping! It's really nice because literally all Jason and Whitney have to do is walk out of their apartment and hop on a train! That was really nice! We went to the park/shopping place and I tried crepes for the first time (sorry, not a fan of them). We just spent time walking around, taking pictures, and soaking everything in. There were so many people there!

Day 3 we ended up going to this place where we were able to lookout onto the city of Stuttgart. It was so cool! I loved these pictures. You'll have to check them out on Facebook! It was really cold so we didn't stay too long. We went back, ordered some German pizza and watched more episodes of "The Big Bang Theory". We packed that night for London and went to bed early because we had to get up at 3:30 am!

Stay tuned…all about London is next!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

new spring look! :)

Anybody noticed my new spring look? I thought it was about time for a new look seeing how it's the first day of spring (even though there's snow covering the ground right now)! I know that you're all dying to hear about my European trip, but it's not happening right now. I'm tired of being on this computer, so I'll post later. I just finished uploading about 400-500 pictures on Facebook, so if you want to check them out, go ahead and take a look! Meanwhile, I'm going to go and eat some lunch! Be back later!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Germany Bound!!

Well, I can't believe that this day is FINALLY here! We've spent so long looking forward to, planning, and saving for this day! I've always dreamed about going to Europe and I'm finally getting a chance to do it! J

We've had a pretty busy couple of days in the Moss household lately! On Monday afternoon Bryan called me and said that his truck won't start. Ok, problem. Bigger problem was that I was in my grad class, and my professor was in the middle of lecturing, so I couldn't really leave at that exact moment! My poor husband was also locked out of school because he lost his badge (tsk, tsk) and he was stuck out in the POURING rain, soaked from head to toe, sitting in his truck that wouldn't start! Poor baby! Thank goodness that our friends Jacque and Jason came to the rescue! Jason ended up picking up Bryan and taking him home. Because of the rain, and other things, we didn't end up getting Bryan's truck fixed until yesterday. Turns out that it was the battery! Thank you Jesus..we were hoping that it wasn't something more serious! I'm happy to report that Bryan's truck is parked at home in his normal spot! ;)

In preparing for our trip, we made our sub plans yesterday and took care of all of our school stuff and then headed home. We made the Walmart trip to get all of the necessary items, ate dinner at Chili's (our last good American meal before the next week or so ;) and then headed home to pack!

We got everything taken care of, most of everything packed, and are ready to get started! We have a long flight ahead of us, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to post next. We plan on getting to Germany, staying for a day or two, and then we're all flying to LONDON for a couple of days before we head back to hang out in Germany! I.CAN'T.WAIT! Be looking for pictures galore soon!

I'm going to miss you guys! Hope you teachers out there have a great spring break and everyone else enjoy your weekend and next week! Signing off for the last time on American soil! J

Saturday, March 6, 2010

What do you think?

I read this article on the Star-Telegram online this morning and found it very interesting! Moms (or moms to be) what do you think?

P.S Don't forget to check out my 2 new posts below! :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

I’ve got to take a moment..

and brag on my husband! I've been feeling a bit under the weather this week, so my husband insisted that I take today off of work. I didn't want to, but we both know that I can't be sick when we're about to take such a big trip next week, plus I don't want to get my baby nephew or anyone else sick! So, I arranged for a substitute for today and stayed home-which was great by the way. I slept until noon! :)

Yesterday was a super long day for me because I had so much to do, so I didn't get home until 7:30 last night. When I got home, to my surprise my husband had cleaned the house, made dinner, AND surprised me with 2 dozen red roses, and 2 iTunes gift cards! Is he amazing or what? I know that I am the most blessed woman ever and don't know how I was lucky enough to snag such a great man! He is the love of my life and I'd be lost without him! I love you baby! You're the best!

The Giants!

Bryan decided to join a softball league with our church Sunday school class and they names themselves "The Giants"! Haha..

They had their first game last Sunday night and played 2 games. Being the supportive wife that I am, I went to cheer him on (even though I'm not playing myself). I was a bit of a wimp though and only stayed for the 1st game. They ended up creaming the first team and finished over an hour early and the second game wasn't going to start until around 9:00. That was a little too late for me on a Sunday night, with school the next day. It was also super cold and windy that night, so I decided to head on home.

Husband did a great job though and was completely in his element! They creamed the 2nd team also and husband had a blast! I'm really glad that he's able to find an outlet to playing baseball again..even if it is softball! J GOOOO Giants!!


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