Friday, March 5, 2010

The Giants!

Bryan decided to join a softball league with our church Sunday school class and they names themselves "The Giants"! Haha..

They had their first game last Sunday night and played 2 games. Being the supportive wife that I am, I went to cheer him on (even though I'm not playing myself). I was a bit of a wimp though and only stayed for the 1st game. They ended up creaming the first team and finished over an hour early and the second game wasn't going to start until around 9:00. That was a little too late for me on a Sunday night, with school the next day. It was also super cold and windy that night, so I decided to head on home.

Husband did a great job though and was completely in his element! They creamed the 2nd team also and husband had a blast! I'm really glad that he's able to find an outlet to playing baseball again..even if it is softball! J GOOOO Giants!!


Erin said...

I too am a church league softball supporting wife. It has its ups - like getting to love on the babies of the other players. But it also has its downs - like cold late games and sometimes being the only one there. I always take a magazine just in case! Hope they continue to do well.

Makenzie said...

Yay! That sounds like such a nice way to end the weekend!


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