Monday, March 18, 2013

Abigail by the Month! (10)

Abigail turned 10 months old on March 1, 2013!

Abigail, this is what you are currently doing:

  • You are still in 9 month clothes and can wear some 12 month pants!
  • You are still in size 3 diapers!
  • I'm guessing that you weigh around 23 lbs! You are getting heavy!
  • This month we gave you Mum Mum snacks and you love them. However, you've choked twice on them so Mommy isn't a very big fan anymore. I have to watch you like a hawk when you eat them. I think that very last bite gets stuck on the roof of your mouth or something.
  • You still love your baby food and snacks! You ate some pieces of tomato when we ate dinner at Saltgrass one night, but it was a one time thing. The other times we've tried to give it to you, you just squish it up! 
  • You are eating 6-7 oz of formula every 3-3.5 hrs. 
  • You're still sleeping great from 7:30 to 6-7 a.m.
  • We had your baby dedication on Feb 3rd! Sadly you had a cold, but you were a really good sport and happy most of the time! All the grandparents, your Aunt Chalen, and Morgan and Chris came to celebrate with us! We ate lunch at Johnny Carino's after church and then spent time with Morgan and Chris. It was a great day! 
  • You began trying to pull up on Feb 7th on your new piano toy Mommy got you!
  • You got your first tooth on Feb 8th! It's your middle bottom tooth.
  • You got your second tooth on Feb 15th! It's on the bottom right beside your other one! You were such a good baby and we couldn't really even tell you were teething. You really didn't cry much at all!
  • You celebrated your first Valentine's Day and got lots of goodies from your grandparents! do such a great job of playing independently and play with your toys all the time!
  • Mommy and Daddy went out on their first date night where they had to get a babysitter (other than family). Thankfully you loved Miss Danielle and had a great night! 
  • You are now throwing fits and have received a swat on your leg. It doesn't really hurt you, but sure does hurt your feelings! You're hearing much more "no ma'am" this month! Uh oh!
  • You still love Mommy's hair as your "lovey" when you go to sleep!
  • You got a new big girl car seat this month! You now sit facing forward and you love it.
  • You started shaking your head "no" on Feb 25th. 
  • You started officially crawling on Feb 26th! We were so excited! You are getting so fast.
  • You clapped your hands for the first time on Feb 27th and it's so cute! You do it all the time now.
  • You pulled up and stood up for the first time on Feb 28th!
  • We had to lower your bed to the next lowest setting because you started to stand up in bed.
  • When I put you to sleep at night, I don't really rock you anymore. I do for about a second, then I pray over you, kiss you goodnight, and then put you in your bed. Most nights you cry anywhere from 1-15 minutes, but the time is getting shorter and shorter each night. For that I am very thankful!
  • You still love, love, love bouncing away in your bouncer. Some days you bounce so high and hard I think you're going to fly out of that thing!
  • You are surprisingly afraid of the vacuum cleaner (which never bothered you as a little baby), tape measurers (when you pull them out fast and they make a clicking noise) and plastic sacks (like when you put a new one in the trash can). You freak out when you see/hear those noises! You are also afraid of random men..not all men, but just some. I don't get that one.
  • Sadly, Mommy can't really keep bows in your hair anymore. You love pulling them out! :) Your hair is getting longer and harder to tame, but not really long enough where I can put a clip in. In the second picture above, this was right after Mommy told you not to touch your bow and then you grabbed it, threw it away and grinned. Little stinker!
  • Your favorite thing to play with is the door stops in our house.
  • Your favorite activity, much to Mommy's dismay is to pick every tiny item off the floor and put it into your mouth now. Yuck!
Abigail, this was a big month for you! I can't believe we're in the double digit months already. You are looking more like a little girl and not so much a baby anymore! :( Mommy needs you to slow down a bit ok? Thanks! :) I love you princess!

Abigail by the Month! (9)

Abigail turned 9 months old on February 1, 2013!

Abigail, this is what you are currently doing:

  • You are now in 9 month clothes! This is the first time that your age actually matches your clothing size! :)
  • You have now moved up to size 3 diapers!
  • You weigh 20 lbs!
  • This month you finally began eating baby food and snacks. Mommy was planning on making all of your food, but when we calculated the price of what we spent each month, plus the time I'd spend making it, we actually found out we wouldn't be saving a ton of money. Therefore, we just buy your food! :)
  • Your very first food you ate was banana puff snacks and banana baby food on Jan. 9th. You were so funny when we fed you apples though. It was like you were sucking on a lemon! You didn't like them much in the beginning, but you grew to love it. There's nothing that you won't eat. You've had pears, banana, apples, green beans, peas, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, mixed vegetables, peaches, and mixed berries. We also tried giving you some real people food but you wouldn't pick any of it up and attempt to eat it. 
  • You began to "growl" at us. It's so cute!
  • You had your very first snow on Jan. 15th. There wasn't a lot of it left by the time we got home from school, but Mommy got a few pictures!
  • We moved your bedtime up to 7:30 and you still sleep all though the night until normally 6-7 a.m.
  • You had your first trip to the library with Mommy on Jan 22. You loved it!
  • You do such a great job of playing independently and play with your toys all the time!
  • You are still screeching and talking all the time now! Your new word has been "Nay Nay".
  • Your Aunt Charity moved in with us this month and stayed about a week. Then she moved back out! :)
  • You still love to pull hair, but you especially love Mommy's hair. I finally realized that every night when I put you to sleep, you grab a big handful of my hair, wrap it around your hand, and rub it all over your face. You smell it and snuggle with it. I thought it was so funny, but I realized that it's your version of snuggling with a blanket or stuffed animal..except it was Mommy's hair! You throw a fit if I don't let you play with my hair. Silly girl!
  • You still love to make Indian sounds with your mouth and now make this clicking sound.
  • Still no teeth yet!
  • You still love your bath time! You love to splash and get water all over the floor!
  • You still love riding in the car seat!
Abigail, you are growing and changing so much! I am so proud of you and blessed to be your Mommy!

Abigail by the Month! (8)

Abigail turned 8 months old on January 1, 2013!

Abigail, this is what you are currently doing:

  • You are now officially in 6 month clothes!
  • You're still in size 2 diapers!
  • We think you probably weigh around 15 or 16 lbs.
  • You're still doing great with your rice cereal!
  • Mommy had to stop nursing you this month! :( She was really sad, but you just wouldn't nurse very much because you were too distracted and since you weren't eating as much, Mommy couldn't produce enough to keep up with you. I still remember the week that I wasn't able to pump enough for you to eat a bottle a day at the babysitters. I cried and cried, but knew that I had tried my best and was thankful that I was able to nurse you for 8 months! Christmas Day was the last time you nursed. I considered it one of your Christmas presents to me! :)
  • We found out this month that your old babysitter Tiffany wasn't going to be able to keep you any more, so we had to search for a new babysitter. Mommy and Daddy had to do a lot of hard praying but we found another great babysitter that you love! The best thing is that you're right across the school from Mommy, so she can go see you whenever she wants!
  • Sadly, because you started going to your new babysitter Tracy's house, we took you out of the Lakeshore MDO. We were sad to leave John Thomas and your teachers, but knew it was for the best!
  • A new great blessing now that you are at Tracy's house is that you are consistently taking a 2-3 hour nap during the day! We are so excited. Mommy and Daddy can't get you to sleep that much at home though. Mrs. Tracy must have the magic touch!
  • You still sleep all though the night from 8:00 p.m until normally 6-7 a.m.
  • You still love to play with your toys and are doing a great job of sitting up on your own without a lot of help from Mommy and Daddy.
  • You still like to sit in your bouncer and feed yourself a bottle.
  • You are still screeching and talking all the time now!
  • You move and groove all the time. I think you got your Mommy's awesome dance moves! ;)
  • You LOVE to pull hair. If you see it and can get close to it, watch out because it's fair game!
  • You love to do what I call "love pats" when you're going to sleep. You have to be touching someone's face and you pat them all over their face. It's so funny!
  • You love to make Indian sounds with your mouth.
  • You've been a little bit fussy this month. I think you're teething, but no teeth yet!
  • You still love your bath time! You love to splash and get water all over the floor!
  • You still love riding in the car seat!
  • Your hands are still in your mouth ALL the time! You like to chew on everything now.
  • Your favorite things to play with are empty plastic water bottles, empty chip sacks, and plastic baggies!
  • You do not like to be laid down and left alone to play. You prefer to sit up with your toys.
  • You are still rolling from front to back all the time.
  • You're still doing a great job sleeping in your crib at night! 
  • This month you celebrated your 1st Christmas! We celebrated at home with Nana, Papa and Charity a few days before Christmas, and then spent a week in Shreveport for Christmas.
  • You got to meet your cousins Everett and John Parker and your Aunt Whitney and Uncle Jason for the first time!
  • You also have a new aunt on the way! Your Uncle Colby proposed to Hillary on December 30th!
  • You said your second word this month right before Christmas and it was "ma ma"! I was so excited and it was my favorite Christmas gift! I felt so special and it melts my heart every time you say it.
Abigail, you are my most precious gift that God has given me and I am so blessed that you are mine!


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