Monday, March 18, 2013

Abigail by the Month! (9)

Abigail turned 9 months old on February 1, 2013!

Abigail, this is what you are currently doing:

  • You are now in 9 month clothes! This is the first time that your age actually matches your clothing size! :)
  • You have now moved up to size 3 diapers!
  • You weigh 20 lbs!
  • This month you finally began eating baby food and snacks. Mommy was planning on making all of your food, but when we calculated the price of what we spent each month, plus the time I'd spend making it, we actually found out we wouldn't be saving a ton of money. Therefore, we just buy your food! :)
  • Your very first food you ate was banana puff snacks and banana baby food on Jan. 9th. You were so funny when we fed you apples though. It was like you were sucking on a lemon! You didn't like them much in the beginning, but you grew to love it. There's nothing that you won't eat. You've had pears, banana, apples, green beans, peas, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, mixed vegetables, peaches, and mixed berries. We also tried giving you some real people food but you wouldn't pick any of it up and attempt to eat it. 
  • You began to "growl" at us. It's so cute!
  • You had your very first snow on Jan. 15th. There wasn't a lot of it left by the time we got home from school, but Mommy got a few pictures!
  • We moved your bedtime up to 7:30 and you still sleep all though the night until normally 6-7 a.m.
  • You had your first trip to the library with Mommy on Jan 22. You loved it!
  • You do such a great job of playing independently and play with your toys all the time!
  • You are still screeching and talking all the time now! Your new word has been "Nay Nay".
  • Your Aunt Charity moved in with us this month and stayed about a week. Then she moved back out! :)
  • You still love to pull hair, but you especially love Mommy's hair. I finally realized that every night when I put you to sleep, you grab a big handful of my hair, wrap it around your hand, and rub it all over your face. You smell it and snuggle with it. I thought it was so funny, but I realized that it's your version of snuggling with a blanket or stuffed animal..except it was Mommy's hair! You throw a fit if I don't let you play with my hair. Silly girl!
  • You still love to make Indian sounds with your mouth and now make this clicking sound.
  • Still no teeth yet!
  • You still love your bath time! You love to splash and get water all over the floor!
  • You still love riding in the car seat!
Abigail, you are growing and changing so much! I am so proud of you and blessed to be your Mommy!

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