Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Brody by the Month! (4)

Brody turned 4 months old on July 30, 2015!

Brody, this is what you are currently doing:
  • You are now wearing 6 month clothing. 
  • You still wear size 2 diapers.
  • We had your 4 month checkup and you weighed 14 lbs 4 oz! You were 25 in long and your head was 43.7 cm, and in the 95% percentile! You have your Daddy's big head! ;)
  • You still eat about every 2-2.5 hrs. This was a hard month for Mommy with nursing. Last month, you had a big growth spurt and Mommy couldn't keep up with nursing you. I would try to nurse first and then give you a bottle, but you got to where you were so hungry, you wouldn't latch on. You would just scream and scream. If I tried to nurse and supplement with you, it would take around an hour to finish a feeding. It just wasn't working well. I ended up giving you more and more bottles and you just seemed happier. Daddy and I talked and I made the decision to stop nursing you. I wasn't producing enough and no matter what I tried, I just couldn't make enough milk. It absolutely broke my heart though. I felt like a failure and I was so mad at myself for not being able to nurse you as long as I did your sister. I came to realize though, that the MOST important thing was that you were happy and healthy and nothing else mattered. This month you drank bottles of breastmilk & formula and ate about 4 oz. 
  • You are still sleeping through the night! You normally sleep from 9-10 p.m until normally 8 a.m. 
  • You are still swaddled every night!
  • You started sleeping in your crib in your bedroom this month. Daddy wasn't sure if you were ready, but you love it!
  • You still aren't taking a consistent nap. Most of the time Mommy holds and rocks you. 
  • Your sister is still your best friend!
  • You are spitting up a LOT this month. Mommy changed your formula and when I burp you and that seemed to help.
  • You are also drooling a lot this month! We go through a bunch of bibs!
  • You are squealing and talking up a storm this month! You seem to have found your voice and like to use it often!
  • You still love bath time!
  • You still love riding in the car seat and are a total pro!
  • We don't use your swing anymore. You still love being held, playing in your bouncer on your play mat!
  • You are very laid back and so sweet!
  • You still have very light brown/blonde hair and more of it is growing in!
  • You still love your paci, but don't have to have it all the time.
  • Mommy is sad that you're napping in your crib now, but I have still managed to sneak in a few naps with you! 
  • This month you went with the family to Shreveport for the 4th of July! You loved watching the firecrackers and slept so good at Grams & Pop's house! You got to meet your Uncle Marshall, Aunt Rachel, Uncle Colby and Aunt Hillary for the first time! We also took a special trip to see your great grandmother Florence. We got some of the most precious pictures of you and Daddy and Gram with Granny. We will treasure those forever!
  • You also took a trip down south to see your Aunt Jacque, Uncle Jason, and cousin Jillian in Stockade! You did awesome on the drive down there and back. We had so much fun seeing them and can't wait until next time!
You are such a sweet, happy baby and we can't wait to see what the next month brings Brody man!

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