Wednesday, June 13, 2007


So, I pretty much think that those two words have described my attitude this summer fairly well! This week, I've been working at VBS, which has been a lot of fun. Our theme for VBS is "Avalanche Ranch" so we have a western theme. It's very cute and fun. All during the week, when anyone says the point of the day, like "God is strong!" everyone has to yell out, YEE HAW! So after yelling that phrase multiple times during the day, for the past three days, it has definitely become embedded in my brain.

I have 6 kiddos in my group. They are: Avery, Lindsey, Julia, Cullen, Justin and Jake. Everyone except Jake has just completed Kindergarten~so these kiddos are definitely my forte! Jake just finished 4th and he's in my group because he and Justin are brothers. Cullen is an ex-student of mine~man I love that kid!

By far, the funniest one in my group would be Avery. She LOVES to talk (and by that I mean NEVER stops) and gives very detailed information. She is definitely a girlie girl...with her cute outfit and hairstyle, complimented by her cute painted designed toes. These are some of the things that I've heard from her during the past 3 days:

  • God is the rock!
  • Um, I don't think she's a Christian! (referring to the villian Kitty Kat on a movie we saw)
  • I have dry skin in my ear
  • Avery: "My toe hurts! Me: "Where?" A: "Right there? Don't you see the skin thing?"
  • she walks up to me crying, and I ask what happened and she said, "I stepped on a rock and it hurt! I just can't take it anymore!
  • I have chicken pox~the doctor told me so when I went to see him yesterday(she does NOT have chicken pox)

So, those are just a few of the many things she's said. I'm sure there will be plenty more!

Well, I'm off to go babysit Cullen and we're going to go swimming and eat burgers. YEE HAW!!

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