Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Yay me!!

I am very proud of myself~why you ask? Well, that is because I have stayed true to my previous predictions/plan~school during the day, pack at night. The past couple of days I've gotten up and gone to work up at school and then packed at night. I kinda got rained in today, so I didn't get to go up to school. However, I was productive and did school stuff at home PLUS I went through a bunch of boxes that I never ended up unpacking when I moved into my apartment(whoops!). So now that I cleared them all out, I now have more boxes to pack with! You can really tell in my house that I've gotten a lot packed! I know..I amaze myself sometimes too! Well, now I'm off to Walmart. This is always dangerous!

*Bethany, per your blog about going to Walmart and always coming out with more than you planned, or what was on your list~ I have a simple solution that I myself use. I make a list of things I need at Walmart. When I get there I get what I have on the list, but you know how you ALWAYS find something else you need/want? Well, I just add those items to my previously made list! That way, I always get was on my list and I just feel better about myself! I mean because I only ended up getting what was on "the list"! ;0)


Sarah said...

I have the same issue with Target. I should just give them my paycheck every few weeks...it would be a whole lot easier! :)

beth said...

love the suggestion! i'm gonna have to try it!


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