Monday, April 7, 2008


Well, as of recently I've been VERY unsatisfied with my physical appearance and how I look. I have been trying tons of things off and on the past few years, but nothing's worked. I finally broke down yesterday and decided that I was not going to put it off anymore.

Today I went and joined our new 24 Hour Fitness that just opened in Rockwall. I have teacher friends that have been wanting me to go with them, but I've just been putting it off because I've been busy (um..Bryan). I finally just decided to do it yesterday! This afternoon I went in and had my personal fitness evaluation with this guy named Mac. He was really cool, very funny, and we just talked about my goals, where I wanted to get and what I needed to do to get there. He also suggested hiring him as a personal trainer. I know in the past, I've been like "yeah, yeah" they're just in it for the money. However, as we talked about it, I realized how much he could help me get my results and push me when I probably want to give up. I'm not sold on the idea yet, but I'm going to decide by the end of this week. A major thing I'm going to have to do is see if I can come up with the money for it. If not, well then I guess the decision will be easier than I thought! I just really liked that he didn't seem out to "get my money" but honestly wanted to help me get in shape and achieve my goals.

After I went to 24 Hour Fitness, I came home and just went for a 30 minute walk. It was SO beautiful outside, and I had my music today. It was just such an amazing afternoon. The weather, my attitude, everything. I was able to enjoy what I was doing...not feeling like I "had to run faster to loose the weight..etc". I just turned on my praise music and had my own worship with God outside! It was awesome! *Shaunna, I thought of your story at the track, when you were singing the other day. Well, this afternoon I was just walking with my hands lifted, praising God! Haha..and I was right beside a major road with tons of cars passing me. They probably thought I was a lunatic, but I didn't care! ;0)

Overall, yesterday wasn't a good day, but today was! My two room moms also came to school today and took my class for a little while so I could have a longer lunch. I went and signed up and went tanning then went and had lunch. It was so nice to have a break during the day and come back refreshed! Praise God for amazing room moms!

Well, that's about it folks! Hope you have a great evening and a great day tomorrow!

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Blake & Shaunna said...

Gooooo you is right! I'm jealous that you have a fitness center to go to...*Sigh*...Living in a small town definitely has its advantages AND its disadvantages:/

Keep singing loud...Makes the time go by faster...And you never know who you might entertain in the midst of your solos:)

Love ya!


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