Sunday, June 14, 2009

no time!!!!!!!!!!!

If I had to choose one thing to describe how I've been feeling the past few weeks, it would be that I have NO TIME! I can make as many check lists possible, and say that I'm going to get it all done, but I just literally run out of time. In the next 13 days, I have to finish packing things at my old house and move them all over to the new house, finish painting 3 more rooms at the new house, and finish planning everything with the wedding. We also have Bryan's birthday on the 18th, Father's Day, and we're driving to Shreveport and will be there the 17-20th. So, basically we have until Tuesday to get most of this done, or else it falls to the week of the wedding (which we're trying to avoid at all costs). Because of that, I make no excuses for not blogging!!

I know that I probably would have already lost my mind by now if it weren't for Bryan. He has been amazing throughout all of this and I don't know what I would have done without him! We're also really stressed because we've mainly been doing this by ourselves. Our families and friends have busy schedules that make it hard to help out, and we just feel bad asking them to take off work, or take time out of their summer. It just sucks.

Bryan always tells me to not stress out and that everything's going to be ok...but when I see that huge To Do List looming over me, it's hard to stay calm. I can promise I'm not going to stress or worry the day of the actual wedding, but as for the next 11 or so days, I make no promises!! :)

I want to make good memories during the next few weeks and enjoy this time. I want to be thankful I have a brand new house and I'm going to have a wonderful brand new husband to go with it! Please pray that I stay calm and that God will provide help for Bryan and I during the next 2 weeks. I know He will..He always does!

13 more days!!!:)


Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Neal said...

I know it's hard to do this ... BUT ENJOY THIS TIME!! Enjoy planning every little detail of this wedding! Before you know it, it's gone!

Heather said...

SOunds busy! It will be all worth it in 11 days!


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