Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Counting my blessings..

Today I found out that a co-worker lost her baby yesterday. She was 18 weeks pregnant. Over Christmas she found out that it was a little boy and she and her other 2 sons were so excited! When she went to the Dr. they discovered that the baby was not growing appropriately and probably had Downs syndrome or something along those lines. When she returned to the Dr. yesterday, they didn't find a heartbeat. Tonight she went to the hospital and they induced labor. I cannot begin to imagine how she must feel. My heart breaks for her and her family.

Tonight I am reminded that each day is a precious gift and we are not promised tomorrow. I am counting my blessings tonight and thanking God that my pregnancy is going wonderful and myself and my daughter are healthy. I am thankful that today at my Dr.'s appointment the Dr. just gushed about how perfectly my pregnancy was going and how Abigail is growing right on track and everything is just as it should be. I am thankful that I heard my daughter's heart beating today at 152 bmp! I am thankful that she has continuously kicked me all day today!  Thank you God for everything!

Please be in prayer tonight for my co-worker and her family. I know this road will not be an easy one.

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Amber said...

Okay - I've obviously been out of the blogging world far too long because I had NO idea you were preggo!! CONGRATS!!!

I am however So sad to hear about your coworker. I cannot imagine the pain she must feel.

You are absolutely right to remind us to count our blessings....


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