Saturday, June 30, 2012

Abigail by the Month! (1)

Abigail turned one month old on June 1, 2012!

I cannot believe that my baby girl is already a month old! It has seriously flown by so fast! She is absolutely precious and we are so in love with her!

We're not sure what she weighs right now, but I would guess around 8-8.5 lbs. She is wearing newborn diapers and newborn clothes. Mommy had to go to the store and buy all new stuff because we didn't have any clothes that fit! She nurses during the day for 30 minutes and then had been getting a 2.5/3oz bottle before bedtime!

A normal day with Abigail starts with her waking up around 6:00. Sometimes it's a little earlier and once it was as late as 7:30! Best day ever! We can't believe how blessed we are, but she's been sleeping through the night for several weeks now! She goes to bed pretty late, normally in between 11:00-12:00, but we're trying to work on that! Honestly right now I don't mind going to bed late if she sleeps through the night. Before that I was waking her every 4 hrs because that's what my pedi said, but after a while, I just decided to let her wake me up when she was hungry! I honestly think that increasing her bottle helps her sleep through the night. She did have some rough nights when we went to visit both of the grandparents where she wouldn't go to sleep until like 2:00 and ended up sleeping in bed with Mommy, but thankfully that hasn't happened again!

After Abigail eats, she normally has about 15 min or so where she's extremely happy! We have long conversations and she just smiles and smiles at me! After that though, she's done and ready for her nap! She fusses and fights going to sleep, but I just pop her paci in and she goes to sleep. She normally has super long naps, ranging from 3-4 hrs. Mommy likes to join her and get a nap when she can! ;)

After we wake from our nap, we repeat all the above!

Bryan has been teaching summer school this summer so it’s just Abigail and I at home. We get really excited when he comes home every day! Abigail loves to see her Daddy! Normally Bryan will take Abigail and play with her while I start dinner or we all just relax and play. Abigail eats and sleeps one more time and then it’s time for bath! Our girl LOVES bath time and just the water in general! No matter if she’s crying or fussing, the moment we put her in that water she’s automatically happy and content! Watch out though when you take her out! She throws a fit every time because she doesn’t want to get out and she’s hungry. Once she gets that night time bottle though, all is good with the world..or at least Abigail’s world! J

We also experienced dry skin, hair loss and baby acne this first month! Mommy didn’t know all babies experienced this when they’re born but everyone told me it was normal! Poor Abigail. She lost the hair on her forehead first. Mommy actually didn’t notice it until Daddy said something. I think Bryan was more freaked about it than I was! He made fun of Abigail and said that she looked like Danny DeVito. Poor girl!
You love your swing and your car seat! We’re so blessed that you love to travel. We can put you in your car seat, start driving, and you’re out like a light!
We have truly been blessed with this precious girl. She hasn’t been fussy for no reason and we haven’t had any issues with colic or reflux or anything. The biggest issue we had was when she had a blocked tear duct. However, Mommy fixed that right up! A friend of mine told me to put a drop of breast milk in her eye so I tried that and literally it was gone by the next day or day after that! I was so glad!
Abigail Morgan, we have loved every single moment with you and fall more in love every day! Can’t wait to see what the next month brings!

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