Friday, November 21, 2008

big night!

Well folks, it's here! Another big playoff game will happen tonight, between Lorena and Carthage! You obviously know who my vote it for ;0) I'm so excited! Bryan is coming in, Emily and Nate are coming, lots of extended family will be there and it's just going to be a great night! Win or lose, I'm so proud of my brothers and the Lorena Leopards!

The game starts at 8:00 tonight at Mansfield Stadium. Come on out and support our boys!

I'll update later to let ya'll know the outcome!



Amy Holifield said...

I looked up the score in the Waco paper, and it looked like the leopards just got hit hard early and had a hard time clawing back. I know you're brothers and dad must be disappointed, but what a season! You must be so proud of them. High school football... you love it and hate it.

Heather said...

I haven't checked you blog in forever (might have been the log in thing), and I realized you are engaged. Congratulations! Marriage is truly a blessing from the Lord.


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