Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm back!

Well, I guess I never really "went" anywhere, but I am no longer private! I've been thinking about it for a while, but couldn't make a final decision. Meredith helped by giving me that extra push by deciding also not to be private anymore! I just decided that the reasons that I went private in the first place, aren't really there anymore. Plus, honestly, I don't talk about school at all, and there's sure not anything on there that anybody could fault me for writing, so non-private we are! More than likely, all anybody is going to be reading about right now is my brother's football games, and my upcoming wedding. The most anyone is going to get my reading my blog is how much I love Bryan Moss~and I'm perfectly fine with that!

I'm actually glad to not be private anymore for the reasons listed below:
  • I hated signing in.
  • I hated that ya'll had to sign in.
  • I hated that it didn't show ya'll when I updated.
  • I hated knowing that some of you would just forget to check my blog, therefore, missing out on some good posts.
  • I hated it that some of you didn't send me your e-mail so I couldn't add you to the list, and you had no way of knowing how to reach me.
  • I hated signing in.
  • I hated that I felt so scared about people reading what I wrote that I had to go private.
  • I hated signing in.

With that said, I am very happy to now not be private anymore! I figure, if it becomes a problem again, I'll just go back to being private!

PLEASE NOTE! Although I'm very happy to not be private anymore, I will be changing my URL address. I just don't like that fact that when you enter my name into a web search, my blog is the first thing that comes up! So, please make note that this will be my new address so you can change it on your blogs.

I figured that I was going to change it when I got married, so I'd just go ahead and change it now! I'll give ya'll a few days until I officially change it!

Well, I guess that's it for now! Now, I expect all of you to leave me lots of comments! ;0)


~meredith~ said...

Hey Chelsey!
I'm glad to see you back "with" us. lol. I hated signing in, too. What a pain!

FYI: There is an option under settings (or something) that asks if you want your blog to appear when searched. I think you can check no and you won't have the problem of your blog popping up when/if people search your name. Just a thought!

Your pics are adorable! :)

Bryan said...

I like your new address....I think that i can get used to that. I love you. Talk to you soon.


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