Sunday, January 25, 2009

I got my dress!

Yesterday was a day that I've been dreaming of for over 25 years. :0) I FINALLY (I said finally like I've been searching for months or something..haha) found my wedding dress..the ONE! It's beautiful, gorgeous, perfect, and everything I was looking for and didn't know I wanted! ;0) I was blessed to find it in Shreveport this weekend with my future MIL and SIL. We had a great time!

It was quite an adventure in the beginning when "Grandma" was trying to help us, but thank goodness we were successful when Mrs. Jodie came to the rescue! I tried on several dresses, even after I tried on "my" dress. I knew I liked it the most out of all that I tried on, but still kept trying on dresses just to make sure! I knew it was the one when I kept going back to this one! It all worked out perfectly. I was able to take it right off the rack, another blessing, now that I don't have to worry about ordering it and tons of alterations! I'm just going to have to have the hem altered a bit, but that shouldn't be very hard! I was very pleased overall with our trip! I'm so glad that I found it this weekend. :0)

Of course I can't put a picture of my dress online, (even though Bryan promises he won't look..haha) but if you want to see it, let me know and I'll e-mail it!

YAY for finding the perfect wedding dress!


Amy Holifield said...

The dress I got was nothing like what I was looking for. But when I tried it on, I started crying! The girl goes, ok, so, this is obviously the one. Yay! That's one of the biggest things, the rest is all down hill for you until you're Mrs. Moss!!!

cassandra sagan webb said...

I wanna see it!

cassandra sagan webb said...

I wanna see it!

Shaunna said...

My dress was the FIRST dress I tried on...And like Amy, it was everything I said I DIDN'T want...But it was the one I kept coming back to out of all the dresses I tried on. So much fun!! And OF COURSE I want to see yours!!

Sarah said...

So glad you found it! One more thing to check off the list.

Brittney said...

Show me, show me! Yay for you!


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