Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I have no motivation!

I have so much stuff to get done, however all I want to do is stay on the internet. Bryan says I have an addiction, and I'm sure he's right! ;0)

My house is a complete mess. My Christmas tree is still up. Along with the decorations. I guess it was so exciting this year that Bryan was here this year to help put everything Christmas up, that I just don't want to take it down without him..but I must. The clothes that I washed 2 weeks ago are still in the laundry basket, in the middle of my the way-but I haven't moved them. I just keep adding things to it. The clean dishes are still in the dishwasher and the dirty ones are in the sink. Why can't I just put them up?

Oh and I also haven't even started to finish all my report cards. Yeah, they go home tomorrow.

The good reason that I have to get all of this stuff done is that on Friday Bryan is coming! Not only is he coming, but so is my future mother and sister in law, AND my mom! We have big plans for this weekend! Saturday we're going to take the moms and Rachel to see our church and reception site, and then all the girls are going dress shopping! This is my first time so I'm really excited! I can't wait for all of them to get here!

So I guess I better get off my lazy butt and kick the cleaning into overdrive :0)


Shaunna said...

WOO-HOO! Dress shopping!! How exciting- Enjoy it and have fun!!

Laura said...

sounds fun. take pics, you'll forget what they all look like.

Susan said...

Yeah, take pictures!! What a fun day you have ahead of you!!

Kyrbie said...

dress shopping?!?! I'm so sad I can't be there :( Have fun!!

Charity said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
* Tyly * said...

You can find some really cute invitations to print yourself at the office supply stores, online, or Target for not too much! It's a great way to save some expenses.

The custom ones to order online are expensive!!


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