Friday, February 6, 2009

a much better day!

Well, I'm happy to report that I actually had a better day at school with my kids. It might have to do with the fact that they spent most of the day OUT of my room, rather than in it, but who knows? ;0)

Today we celebrated the 100th day of school -even though it was really only the 99th...shhhh don't tell the kids! Because of a bad weather day we had, it would have pushed our celebration to a Monday instead of a Friday. Monday anyone??? NO THANK YOU! So Friday it was! At my school we do a rotation day where each K teacher plans an activity, and then each kindergarten class rotates around to each teacher. I like it because for 30 minutes you get to have someone elses class for a change. Sometimes this is very good....sometimes this is very bad!! Overall, it was a good experience and we all had fun!

This afternoon before recess, one of my little girls came up to be with her hand behind her back and said, "Ms. Snodgrass I have a surprise for you!" I said, "oh really?" Then she goes, "Here you go Ms. Snodgrass! This is for making this the best day EVER!" And then she gave me one tiny chocolate chip (in one of the classes they all made trail mix and did 10 groups of 10 different foods)! It was sooooooo cute! I told her that she was so sweet and thank you so much!

She then ran back to her table and was like, "Guys, if you give Ms. Snodgrass something she'll tell you thank you!" I was, why is she acting like this is a complete shock or something? Geezz..making me look bad here! ;0) So, after that, the news spread fast and all of my kids kept coming up to me and giving me something, to which I made a big deal out of. They would run back to their tables and be like, "Wow! She did say thank you!" Haha..

a much better day we had..a much better day! :0)

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