Thursday, May 21, 2009

Prayer Request!

Hey guys! I wanted to let ya'll know of a really important prayer request I have!

We're so excited because Bryan at this very moment is interviewing for a Science position in Rockwall! This is EXACTLY what he has been hoping for and at the school that he wanted! I am asking that you please take a moment and say a quick prayer for him. Please pray that he is relaxed and at peace. Please pray that God gives him the words to say and he is confident while doing so. Most of all, pray that if this is the place that God wants Bryan to be, that He will open the doors for us! We feel that this really is the place he is supposed to be, but we will wait and trust that God, no matter what the outcome!

Thank you in advance for your prayers! Only 37 more days until the wedding! Whoo hoo!


JMMSchoenfield said...

I will keep Bryan in my prayers tonight. I have heard really good things about Rockwall. How exciting! My aunt is the special education teacher at Rockwall, and I think my uncle coaches there too...So if you meet a Kelly Moore (boy) thats my uncle and if you meet a Kelly Moore (girl)thats my Aunt...yes they have the same exact name.

JMMSchoenfield said...

Well, actually I do not think my Uncle coaches there...but my Aunt is for sure the special ed teacher, lol.

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Neal said...

That is sooo exciting!!! :)


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