Friday, October 2, 2009

A great day! :)

Today was a good day! :)

My team and I took all day off to plan for the upcoming weeks. It's been really stressful the past couple of months because we've been trying to plan week by week during our conference times and it just hasn't been working. We aren't getting anything done and we just don't have enough time!

So we decided to just take off and take a whole day to plan! It was so nice this morning to not be in any hurry getting to school, knowing I already had a sub! I stopped by a local donut shop and got the team some breakfast treats. :) Thankfully we worked hard and got so much done this morning! We took advantage of our day "off" and went out to lunch at La Madeline's..yummy! We just talked and had some good times, not related to school. That is always good! We came back and finished up the rest, did some housekeeping things, and all decided that we're going to start planning in the afternoons. I really think this will help everyone not to be so stressed out! :)

Other than that, the rest of our weekend plans include driving to Shreveport for the weekend. Rachel is cheering this year at the University of Lousiana at Monroe, and they're home this weekend, so we decided to go down and watch her cheer. We're going to take a small roadtrip with Mom and Dad to go see her on Saturday so we're pretty excited. Oh yeah and Mom also got a brand new mini van, with awesome dvd players in the back and front, so we get to watch movies while Dad drives! Poor Dad..but I don't think he'll mind much!

Not much else has been going on around here. Bryan and I are staying plenty busy with school and grad school. We've also been going to work out 3-4 times during the week, so it's been nice to do that together. Bryan really loves it, because he likes to sweat and make himself really tired. I'm pretty sure it's a guy thing. :) I'd rather be doing anything but working out, but I know it makes him happy, and it's good for me, so I tag along!

We've been doing a lot of traveling (what's new) because of football games, but it's been great to see family! Last weekend, we went down to Lorena again to watch Chandler play, and they won so we were happy! Chase was also in from college, so we got to see him too~exciting news that he got, actually on his birthday, was that he got moved up from playing JV football to VARSITY! He's been doing so good, actually 2nd overall on his team so they moved him up! We were so proud and excited for him! Me, my mom, and all my sisters went out on that Saturday and all went and got pedicures so that was fun! Good girl time! ;)

We're enjoying the fall weather and hoping it stays this way (minus the rain)! I can't wait to finish getting all my fall decorations out! We're really excited about Thanksgiving this year...Jason, Whitney, and Everett are coming in from Germany so everyone can't wait! My husband is also going to do something crazy like cook 3 turkeys or something? Geezz, we're going to be having turkey for years.

Another exciting thing Bryan and I have decided is that we're going to Germany during spring break!! We can't wait! Jason, Whit, and Everett aren't going to be there for much longer, so we're going to go see then while we can. If anyone has any suggestions of where to go or what to do, let us know (Kelly :).

Well, I guess I had a bit more to say than I thought! That does normally happen though :) I hope everyone has a great weekend. Relax and enjoy your friends and family! I know I will!


Shaunna said...

Sounds like a good (and MUCH NEEDED) day for sure!! Happy Weekend!! :]

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Neal said...

I have always wanted to go to Germany!! Sounds like fun!! :)


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