Saturday, October 10, 2009

One year ago today!

I got engaged to the man of my dreams! I can't believe that it's been a year already! Last year, I officially began planning my wedding, and started on my journey to become Mrs. Bryan Moss. Now, here we are and I'm glad to report the wedding was a success and I am LOVING being Mrs. Moss now! I went back and re-read our engagement story and I am SO glad that I have my blog to record such important events in my life. I had so many great memories reading that over again! Make sure that you go back here and read it if you haven't had the chance, or if you just want to again!

I’ve also uploaded some of my favorite pictures from that night! My knight in shining armor!

The moment when Bryan asked me to be his wife!

When I found out that Kyrbie had driven all the way to be there with me on my night..I couldn't stop crying!
Happy tears! Precious friends!

Best friends! Bryan, Chelsey, Jacque, and Jason
Best friends! Bryan, Chelsey, Morgan, and Chris

The whole gang..I'm so blessed!

One of the happiest nights of my life!!
And to my amazing husband,

Sweetheart, thank you for praying for me and waiting for me all of those years. Thank you for being so amazing to me when we were dating, and now more amazing now that we are married. You are my knight in shining armor, and a true servant of our household. Thank you for loving me like Christ loved the church and making all of my dreams come true! I love you with all of my heart!

Mrs. Moss

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Kelsey Claire said...

Happy one year engagement anniversary!


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