Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas in Lorena!

Bryan and I have been enjoying the past weekend and the last couple of days being as lazy as humanly possible! :)

We ended up celebrating our own family Christmas on Monday and had a great time! We made some football food, watched Charlie Brown Christmas, opened our gifts, and then went and looked at Christmas lights! My baby was very good to me this Christmas! :) He gave me a gift certificate to go and get a manicure/pedicure, a Nicholas Sparks book and the new Twilight book! He also gave me three pairs of new shoes/boots from Target, yipee! I also got a car ipod charger and an iTunes gift card! Whoo hoo!

From me, Bryan got a Xbox Live account for 1 year (so he can play with his brother), a pair of workout clothes, a stainless steel coffee mug that he's been begging for, a new snazzy coffee pot, a gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings, a cool new electric pencil sharpener, an Eric Church c.d and a new beard trimmer! He was very happy!

We woke up on Tuesday morning and went into Dallas to see Jacque. She had her gastric bypass surgery Tuesday morning, so we went to hang out with Jason and Jilly while she was in surgery. She came through with passing colors and the surgery went great! We waited until they brought her back to the room and stayed for a little while. After we left the hospital, we headed straight to Lorena to spend Christmas with my family.

We relaxed yesterday and then this morning we woke up, had a great, yummy breakfast, and then opened presents with my family! This afternoon I got to go grab coffee with my bestie Kyrbie, so that was lots of fun! We didn't have as much time to catch up as I'd like, but I was thankful to get to see her! Tonight Bryan and I went to the candlelight service at my parent's church with my parents and it was great! Afterwards we went to eat dinner at Olive Garden and had a fun double date! Great end to a great day!

Tomorrow morning we're heading to spend Christmas Day with my grandparents in Brady, and then headed to Comanche tomorrow night to stay with my Uncle Kinley and Aunt Delinda and their family! I can't wait!

Oh and did I mentioned it snowed today??!! Best Christmas gift ever!

I hope that you all are safe and happy tonight, enjoying this Christmas with your families!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

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