Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's 2010!

We spent New Year's in Shreveport this year with Bryan's family! Mom and Dad celebrated their anniversary earlier in December, but hadn't yet gotten the chance to go out and celebrate it, so Dad had the great idea to go somewhere special on New Year's Eve! Since Bryan and I were planning on being in town, we decided to make it a double date.

Dad had heard about this great restaurant that literally overlooked the lake and was having a special for New Year's. They offered this great menu with steak and seafood, provided complimentary champagne, and had a live band with dancing! It all sounded like a great idea, so Dad called and made reservations for 4, for an upstairs table, ONE MONTH in advance. Fast forward to New Year's Eve. Here we are below, looking all snazzy, can't wait to go out on the town!

me and my gorgeous SIL!

me and my handsome hubby!

Now, moving on with our evening! Our reservations were for 9:30 so we headed over to the restaurant. When we got there, the first thing I noticed were that there were a lot of people, and the hostesses were runnning (or of the hostessses actually told us she was limping because she had really bad blisters from her shoes and they were bleeding..can you say TMI??!!) around like chickens with their heads cut off. It was very chaotic to say the least!

We told her that we had reservations for Moss, party of 4 and she told us it would be just a few minutes. Well those "few" minutes turned into about 15, and then when we inquired again, they said they were clearing off our table and it would just be a "few" more minutes. Well, you know how that goes, so we waited about 20-30 minutes before they came back and told us that unfortunately our table upstairs (you know the one we reserved a month a head of time) wasn't available yet, but would we like to eat downstairs? We finally were sick of waiting so long that we said sure, and ate downstairs. Ms. Limping hostess escorted us to our table, which wasn't bad. They had a cute little lady playing her guitar and singing for us, so at least she eased our pain a little! The hostess said that our waiter would be over soon to get our drink orders and she limped away. Yeah right!

We waited, and waited, and no waiter/waitress shows up. We noticed that they had all the food out in the buffet/catered style, so we just got up, grabbed a plate and went and got our own food. We eventually asked the man at the meat carving station to get us some drinks and he did. When we finally sat down and started to talk, we all just had to laugh at the situation! It was absolutely the WORST service we had EVER had! We had fun though and said that this was one New Year's that we'd never forget!

The best part was at the end when we went to pay and Dad and Bryan went to talk to the manager. See everyone was so mad because for our whole fancy evening out, it was going to cost us each $42.00. Yep, you should have seen my jaw drop when Bryan told me, and I said there's no freakin way we're paying that for the service, or lack of I should say, that we received that night! Bryan and Dad told the manager about our delightful evening and needless to say that he refunded us half of our dinner (even though we still overpaid). The manager said that he took 250 reservations (which was his capacity) but ended up serving 400 people that night! HELLO! He said that he just became the new manager about 3 days ago..I think it's safe to say that he probably won't be staying for much longer!

Anyways, we said let's get out of here so we can make it home and at least get to watch the ball drop and ring in our own new year! Thank goodness, earlier that afternoon I made a pecan pie, so we ate pecan pie, toasted with our Dr. Pepper's, and danced around the living room! New Year's definitely wasn't what we all expected, but we still had a great time!

I thought this picture was just precious of the two of them!

Happy New Year's 2010 from the Moss Family!

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