Monday, January 11, 2010


Well, sadly I don't have much to say tonight. That's why I could only title my title with the date..I know, lots of thought went into that one!

My day was ok..not too eventful, just glad to say that it's another Monday under my belt! I'm counting down the days until Spring Break! I.CAN'T.WAIT!

I had a good day with my kids today. I love how things that you didn't plan on happening just sort of evolve into something great. We were brainstorming words for our new word families and they kept coming up with words that would fit, but we'd have to change the spelling to fit into the family. For example, we were doing the -ain family and someone said "plain" and we had to talk about which "plain" it was etc.

We kept having that come up, so I ended up teaching a lesson on homonyms. I also couldn't remember if it was a homonym, or antonym, or which right one it is, so I just looked it up in the dictionary. Insert: I'm on a big kick as of recently to teach the kids about using the dictionary..I'll double check things, and look up spellings (not that I need them), and much more just so hopefully they will. I also believe that it's important for my kids to know that as their teacher, I don't know everything (shocker, I know)! I also believe that they need to see me double checking my work, and looking in other sources so they'll do the same.

I'm really tired today. Fixing to go take a shower and go to bed soon.

I browsed youtube and itunes tonight for new music. I got some itunes gift cards for Christmas and am trying to find some new music. Have any suggestions for me?

Well I guess that's all I have. Sorry it's so boring, but I guess better than nothing at all right?


Amanda said...

I'm proud of you for posting! I need to keep it up, even when I feel that way. Memories are memories right? :)

Emily said...

I have been reading and enjoying your blog, just not commenting! I like how often you've been posting. Don't know what kind of music you like, but I wrote on my blog not long ago about Lady Antebellum. I really like that group.

Also, LOVE that you are showing your kids that teachers don't know everything and that it's important to look things up! By the time they get to 7th grade, they HATE the dictionary!

Amber said...

I found the link to your blog and stopped by. It's super cute! You were a beautiful bride. :) Just keep posting - someone always enjoys reading what you have to say!

Amber said...

Hope you don't mind another follower. :)


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