Friday, January 8, 2010

Better day!

Well, thank you for all of your comments yesterday about my fall! Ya'll are so sweet! I'm glad to report that I don't have too much damage from yesterday..just really sore in my back/shoulders/left arm..but I'll live! I was just glad it wasn't anything too major!

The other good news was that I took my computer to my lab tech and she dropped it off yesterday afternoon to be fixed and gave me a loaner until I get mine back. Yay! I'm glad it's all getting fixed. I don't think I could have handled having to buy a broken, district laptop! :)

Other than my crazy activities yesterday, not much else is going on. My husband joined everyone else in the world last night to watch the UT vs. Bama game, but I'm not a big fan of either so I didn't watch much. I cleaned the kitchen and then went to bed while Bryan finished watching the game! I will say that I would have really liked to have seen how the game would have turned out if Colt McCoy hadn't gotten hurt. ;) However, congrats Bama..good game.

I'm very excited that today is Friday~whoo! Looking forward to a date tonight with my hubby at our favorite, Texas Roadhouse!! Can't wait. Other weekend plans include the movies, taking down Christmas decorations (I know, we're bad..we've been lazy), and relaxing as much as possible!

Hope you have a warm, safe, weekend!

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