Thursday, January 7, 2010


Well just like everyone else, we're having the really cold, icy weather this morning in Rockwall. It wasn't bad when I was driving to school, but my sweet husband still called to check on me and make sure I was ok and the roads weren't too icy. I got to school and started to get everything out of my car. Another co-worker was trying to back into the parking space right beside me, so I grabbed all of my stuff and tried to hurry and get out of the way. I grabbed all of my stuff, took a step. and completely busted. Yep, found myself suddenly on the ground. Can you say OUCH?!

At least I was fully padded with my coat and everything so my side didn't get hurt too bad. What is really hurting is my left palm. I fell on it when I tried to catch myself, and it REALLY hurts now.

I picked myself up and got into the school and my morning got even better (said in a sarcastic voice). I was already late to school and so I was trying to hurry and get into my class before my kids did. I had all my stuff in my hand and was trying to unlock my door when I DROPPED MY LAPTOP. Yep, dropped it, and dropped it hard too.

I got into my room and put everything up. When I took out my laptop, I saw that I completely knocked a whole chunk off of my laptop at the bottom corner. I looked in my bag and the "chunk" is in little pieces. GREAT. JUST GREAT.

Hopefully the rest of my day does not turn out like my morning! :(


clw said...

Oh no!!! What a terrible morning! I hope the day gets better. And I hope you're ok from that fall. :(

The D's said...

Hey Chelsea. SO glad you commented with all of our connections! That is crazy!! How long ago did your dad coach at Wall and what sport? Do you know if he coached my husband? My dad was a coach in San Angelo for 25 years, so I know what being a coaches daughter is like :)

And the Harris Creek thing is awesome too. Do you think we would know any of your family? We absolutely loved that church and hated to leave it!

I will be reading your blog now. Thanks again for commenting, I'm so glad you did!!

* Tyly * said...

Oh man, I hope your day gets MUCH better!!!

MaierHousehold said...

Poor thing!

At least nothing is broken, right?

Kim in San Angelo

Kelsey Claire said...

I hope you aren't sore in the morning! I also hope that the rest of your day and tomorrow is better!


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