Monday, January 25, 2010

Germany questions!

Well, hopefully you've caught on by now that Bryan and I will be headed to Stuggart, Germany during our spring break (which is only about 7 more weeks away :). We should hopefully be buying our tickets today~I'll update when we officially do!

So the point of this post is to ask you readers out there, if you've been to Germany or the surrounding area, what are the "must do's" or "must visit" places that you know of? Or you could also answer the question of if you had the chance to go to Germany or the surrounding areas, what would you choose to see?

The reason that I'm asking is because this is Bryan's second time to go to Germany and visit his brother, but it's my first time. I'm trying to brainstorm what I want to do/places I want to go see while we're there. I want to make the most of my trip. I told Bryan that this is a once in a lifetime trip for me, to which he insisted that it's NOT..we'll go again. However, I know that chances of that happening any time in the next few years are slim, and even slimmer when we have kids!

SO, help me by answering my questions and telling me what you think! Thanks guys!

*Kelly, I've read your posts about when you went to see Chad. Do you have any other tips for a first time European traveler? :)


clw said...

Wish I could help, but I've never been to Germany. Bummer!!!

Amber said...

I've never been to Europe, but it's absolutely on my list. Can't wait read about your trip in a short while. :)

Amanda said...

You will LOVE Europe! I've never been to Germany so I have no great tips, but just obviously don't go anywhere without your camera and soak it all in! It can be exhausting but you're right! you don't get to go that often!

Michelle said...

I went to Germany as an exchange student in high school, so it's been a while, but I'll gladly share what I enjoyed.

My exchange partner lived near Köln so we of course visited their amazing cathedral (, which happens to be the tallest in the world. You can climb the stairs (more than 500!) to the top to get a panoramic view of the city. Also in Köln is the Chocolate Museum ( I don't remember a lot about this particular museum, but if you're a fan of chocolate you'll probably enjoy it.

We traveled down to Füssen, home of the Neuschwanstein Castle ( This is the castle after which Disney modeled Cinderella's castle. It is nesteled in the Alps. Beautiful!

Our group then travelled to the Dachau concentration camp ( It was a very sobering experience, but I'm grateful we went. It really gives life to those history lessons about the Holocaust.

Rothenburg ( is a little old-fashioned German town complete with its original fortress wall. It's a great place to stroll around and do some shopping.

In Berlin you can go to the KaDeWe (, a HUGE department store. Of course Berlin is also home to the capitol and the Berlin wall.

Wow, I just realized that this has become incredibly long, so I'll wrap it up! Needless to say, I loved Germany. It's beautiful and green and I loved walking down the city streets. My last three pieces of advice--visit bakeries regularly (yum!), eat Italian eis, and try döhne.


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