Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cake anyone?

I can't believe it, but Bryan and I's first year anniversary is quickly approaching! I can't believe that we've almost been married for one year! It has flown by! J We haven't made any formal plans yet for our anniversary, but are thinking about getting dressed up and going out for a nice dinner and maybe staying in a hotel. Friends that live/are familiar with the DFW area, do you have any recommendations on a nice restaurant that you've heard great things about or have gone to?

Also, as you know tradition calls for us to taste our disgusting yummy, top tier of our wedding cake! As much as we are dreading looking forward to tasting our cake, I also had the idea of maybe ordering a small cake for us to eat (that we would actually enjoy). I know that it's popular now for couples to contact whoever made their original wedding cake and have them make a smaller version of their wedding cake for their anniversary. Well, I would do that except that the lady that made our cake lives about 6 hours away, so that's really not possible. Does anybody have any suggestions for where to get a cake made? I want a nicer place, so nobody recommend Wal-Mart! J

I can't wait to hear your recommendations! Thanks guys!


Lindsey Spraggins said...

Yes!! The Cake Stand in McKinney -- love their cakes - not only do they look good, they actually taste DELICIOUS, so fresh, creamy and sweet!

Happy Anniversary!

Erin said...

We ate a bit of the top of our cake the day we got back from our honeymoon, and it was nasty. I can't imagine what it would have tasted like after a year, but I admire you being willing to try it! With some things I was super traditional, and with others I totally didn't care.

Have fun getting dressed up!!

Stephanie said...

We stayed at the Omni in downtown Fort Worth last August for ours. The hotel was really nice! They had a pool way up on one of the top floors...pretty cool. We were able to walk to dinner downtown and walk around listening to the live bands and had our picture done by a street artist (dont go to the weird old man...he did NOT do a good job). We went to Ruth's Chris. It was expensive and fancy, and because Cam told them it was our anni, they had little heart confetti on our table :). One Valentines Day, we had a REALLY romantic dessert on the rooftop of the Riata (I recommend that!) Have fun! Congrats!!

ty said...

I'm on my way to Dallas this weekend!! I LOVE Sambuca. But Javier's is upscale Mexican, and they give you a free tequila shot on special occasions :)


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