Monday, July 19, 2010

recipe ideas please!

Well some of you may or may not know that I love to cook! I'm actually a very good cook, but am not good at trying new things. All of my recipes come from my grandmother and mother and that's the way that I like it! I might try something that I found online, but not often. I don't cook uber healthy, but I also don't cook uber bad. I never fry anything and husband grills out a lot of chicken and pork tenderloin. I guess I'd say I'm somewhere in the middle. My husband loves everything that I cook; however, this has caused somewhat of a problem.

In the year that we've been married, we've both put on some of those "married pounds". The biggest concern though is for my husband. We've recently found out that he has very high blood pressure and cholesterol. He's been working very hard the last few months to exercise more, watch what he eats and cut back on portions. I'm trying to help him monitor everything and help out as much as I can, but I need help with my cooking. I really try and think of ways that I can modify my cooking to be healthier but I'm really lacking the recipes. For instance we're really watching his sodium intake, so when we go to the store, we buy things that are salt free, and then I can just salt my stuff.  I just don't know what to cook at home for him that is good. He eats chicken like crazy, so that's good. We try to eat a lot of fresh veggies and fruits, buy baked chips (if he even eats them), we've bought good whole grain wheat bread, he doesn't really ever drink alcohol and we drink sugar free koolaid and water all the time.

This is what I need from you. I know many of you are great cooks out there and more health conscious than I am. If you have any recipes or suggestions for me, I would greatly appreciate it! It can be a whole meal, it can be a snack, it can be elaborate or super easy. I'm just asking for anything you have! :)

You can comment on here if you'd like, or if you have a recipe for me that you'd like to e-mail, just send it to

Thanks so much guys! I really appreciate it! :)


ty said...

Try this one ... it's pretty filling! I have a little basil plant too, so I got to make my own pesto!

Kelsey Claire said...

I am obsessed with Everything we have made has been great. I use their recipes almost every meal!

Kyrbie Alexis said...

GIRL, I'm the queen of low sodium low cholesterol cooking. Here's one of my favotites and some tips:,1927,153165-239197,00.html
-for this one I use half extra lean beef and half extra lean turkey. You can add chopped bell peppers and celery if you want also.

If you're cooking frest veggies, you can just steam them and sprinkle lemon juice and the sodium free seasoning (ex. Mrs. Dash) on top. very yummy.

Don't by any pre-packaged or pre-seasoned meals. They're loaded with sodium.

Be careful about cheese, it's loaded with cholesterol.

Start cooking with egg beaters instead of real eggs. Bummer, I know.

Have Bryan take omega 3 fish oil pills. It's supposed to help alot with lowing cholesterol without having to take rx meds. They're big and smell funny, but it's worth a shot.

Use the salt-free butter. You'd be surprised how much sodium is in the regular stuff.

We cook alot of chicken and fish (tilapia fillets). we just sprinkle some of the sodium free marinade or sodium free seasoning on top and grill it up. It's so easy and tastey. perfect with fresh veggies.

buy the salt substitute and use it instead of salt. I actually have the half regular, half substitute. It tastes the same to me.

Really try to cut out beef and pork as much as possible...(prior to pregnancy) I tried to only have red meat once or may twice/month. It just has so much choleserol.

Substitute other seasonings instead of thyme, rosemary, oregano, garlic, etc.

Ok, that's all I can think of for now :) I know it's a lot of work, but you will get used to it.

If you try all of this, and he tries to exercise and diet to get the cholesterol down but it doesn't work, it's might be genetic. If that's the case, there might not be much he can do about it (that's the case with me). You have to wait about 6 months before you can test it again though, to have good results.

Erin said...

eek...I'm probably going to be in the same boat as you here pretty soon. Not to brag, but my doctors are always shocked at how good my b/p and heat rate are (it's genetic) so I don't really think about it much, but my husband thinks in terms of red meat mania so I'm sure his is terrible! I'm anxious to see how the changes unfold for you two.

I would suggest taking small steps. Making drastic changes all at once will get overwhelming and likely won't stick. Good luck and keep us updated!


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