Saturday, September 4, 2010

Guess what!

I'm adding another person to my pregnant list..

as my mother-in-law said, "Another Moss is coming into the world!"

No, it's still not me! It's my sister-in-law, Whitney! Yay! Everett is going to be a big brother!

Whitney's due date is actually going to be around the same time of Everett's birthday, so she should be due sometime in May! For those of you who are new readers, my brother in law Jason, and his family, Whitney and Everett are stationed in Stuttgart, Germany. We're excited because their time in Germany is coming to a close, and they will be moving back to the states in January! My sweet nephew Everett is 16 months old, and we'll be so excited to get to see more of him and the new baby when they move back!

Yay for new babies in the family! Now, who wants to be # 24 on my list?! ;)

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* Tyly * said...

They're great! I have a teacher one in my classroom, and it makes the room smell so nice. The beauty of them is that they give off a nice, soft fragrance... nothing too overpowering, and you don't have to worry about leaving it on, because it's totally safe!

I guess which one you prefer just depends on what you want it for. I have a big one in my class and in the entryway of the house, because they are larger areas. I have a small one in the master bathroom and the kitchen. They all work wonderfully! I'd love even more! :)


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