Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's a miracle I'm not pregnant..

*Edited to add another person to the list!
*Edited on 9-11

 because there's something definitely in the water-EVERYWHERE!! (and FYI I'm not pregnant!)

I was thinking about how many of my friends, co-workers, blog friends, etc. were pregnant/just had babies and thinking about how many baby gifts I've been buying(which I absolutely love to do by the way)! So I told myself that I was going to make a list and see how many there actually were. So without further ado...

  1. Kyrbie (best friend)
  2. Jacque (best friend)
  3. Shyanne (just had her baby a few weeks ago)(college friend)
  4. Kara (co-worker and blog friend)
  5. Liz (co-worker)
  6. Kimberly (co-worker)
  7. Polly (co-worker)
  8. Emilee (just had her baby, premature, but was due in Oct.) (church friend)
  9. Kate (just had her baby last night!) (church friend)
  10. Ashley (church friend)
  11. Amanda (church friend)
  12. Cassanda (blog friend and real life friend :)
  13. Shaunna (blog friend and real life friend :)
  14. Alicia (blog friend and real life friend :)
  15. Emily (blog friend)
  16. Michelle (just had her baby girl about a month ago) (blog friend and college friend)
  17. Wendy (college friend)
  18. Nicole (blog and San Angelo friend)
  19. Amy (family friend)
  20. Amanda (family friend)
  21. Mandi (high school friend)
  22. Erica (high school friend)
  23. Whitney (my sister-in-law)
  24. Sara (blog friend)
  25. Sarah B (college friend)
  26. Seana (church friend)
  27. Jamie (high school friend)
Well, that's all I can think of right now! I'm sure that there will be more..or I've forgotten someone. Now, can you name 23 pregnant friends?! ;)


    Emily said...

    I am so excited to be on this list. :) That is a lot of people!

    The Conway's said...

    Oh yikes!! You weren't kidding were you? Haha...maybe stick with Propel or something else for the next few months. Something has to be in the water :)

    Shaunna said...

    WOW! That is a lot!!

    clw said...

    YOu've got to be kidding me!!!!!

    Amber said...

    22 pregnant friends that you see often? It IS a miracle that you aren't pregnant. Here's hoping you catch the bug soon! :)

    Erin said...

    We just have to accept that we're now in that stage of life. But lets you and me stick together for a little while longer and NOT drink the water ;)

    Ms. Emily Ann said...

    Wow girl! You are going to have lots of baby showers to attend :)

    Brittney said...

    That sure it a lot of pregnant ladies! I only know one girl who's pregnant right now - and she just found out yesterday.


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