Thursday, October 14, 2010

where do I start...

Before I started this post, I almost thought about not even writing it. I don't ever want to get on here and just be negative and gripe all of the time, but I realized...wait, this is MY blog and I can get on here and gripe about whatever the heck I feel like, whenever I want! I don't plan on doing it all of the time by any means, but tonight is one of those nights when I just need to vent and get it all out.

Let's begin with things that have dissapointed me, stressed me out, made me worry, or just plain pissed me off this week!
  • people who make things more stressful for others
  • being the last to know
  • super long faculty meetings
  • not being able to meet my bedtime
  • kids not being quiet for one second and it gets so bad that I want to pull my hair out
  • whoever has clogged the boys urinal continuously last week and this week
  • whoever stuffed paper towels down the boys urinal
  • whoever shoved Halloween pencils down the boys urinal
  • students who do not listen to a WORD.I.SAY.
  • students who ask me questions about the assignment that I JUST finished explaining
  • students (not all of them, but most of them)
  • parents who ask me the same questions over and over
  • parents who want special treatment
  • parents who don't expect their child to do the work, but the teacher instead
  • parents trying to tell me how to do my job
  • being treated like I don't know how to do my job
  • not being able to go to yoga because I worked too long, or had to go to the grocery store..or..or..or..
  • One Tree Hill not recording..or was there not a new episode this week?
  • stressing out over money
  • stressing out about when we're going to have kids
There have been a few silver linings this week that have kept me sane and happy and they are:
  • knowing that I can't control what happens to me, only how I react to them
  • having one of my room moms come up to school and do everything for me that I've wanted to do, but haven't had the time
  • babysitting my favorite kids
  • when my favorite 3 yr old  kept repeating, "DISGUSTING amigo!" when we were eating at Taco Bell
  • that same 3 yr old calling me "Moss" and getting to read to him and tuck him into bed
  • watching a 6 year old's flag football game
  • sitting and talking with his amazing grandma at this game that is battling cancer
  • talking with my friend and co-worker Kara and being able to vent with her about school
  • talking with Kara and being relieved to know that my husband and I are not the only ones who have worried about finances and babies
  • having my favorite 2nd grade boy from last year still come and talk to me every day about sports and what's going on in his life
  • knowing that my husband loves me and cherishes me
  • knowing that my husband thinks I'm sexy even when I don't
  • Dr. Pepper
  • seeing a picture of sweet baby Ben
  • knowing that this week will not last forever
  • tomorrow is Friday
The End. :)


JMMSchoenfield said...

Well just know that as for all the teacher related comments, I feel exactly the same way! As far as babies will never have enough money to have kids (or so it seems) but when it comes down to it, you will. If you and your hubby are ready to be parents, then go for it!! I did find that having Kenzie in February rocked! I got off 8 weeks (c-section) and an extra week for spring break, then had to go back for 5 weeks and then had summer. It was perfect! You are a wonderful person and will be a wonderful Mommy!!

Kyrbie Alexis said...

there's never a perfect time for babies!!! just look at my life. Just when we thought there was no way God knew what he was doing...we realized that His plan was more perfect than anything we could have planned for ourselves :). Trust me...even though we sometimes think we can plan for the "perfect time," God may have other plans. So just because one day you might think, "ok it's time!" it will only be time if it's His time. So...tell that husband of yours that there's a reason why you're pregnant for 10, yes 10 months. Plenty of time to plan and get everything ready! :). TEAM START TRYING NOW!

The Conway's said...

Hang in there...
We all have days, weeks or months that are rough. Just keep thinking of those few silver linings!

The Hamilton's said...

Hey Chelsey,

Sorry to hear that it has been a rough week. I just wanted to share a few things with you that people shared with me along the way that have REALLY helped:

- You will probably never feel ready to have babies. God readys you 1 step ahead
- As far as money goes, work to get out of any debt you might have ASAP. This includes cars and a mortgage. It makes life TONS easier.
- No matter how many kids you have, they cost the same. EVERYTHING YOU HAVE!

Keep you chin up girl, God is with you!


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