Monday, October 25, 2010

That's my boy!

My brother sent me a text tonight to check this out, so I did! It's a video that they did over fathers who coach their sons. They featured my brother Chandler and my dad on this last one! How cool is that! You can check them out here! Oh and Lorena's win last week clenched 1st place in district right now! Whoo hoo! GOOOOOOOOO LEOPARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


clw said...

Very cool!

Amy Holifield said...

that's awesome! my brother got to play for my dad in football and in baseball. lucas played varsity as a soph, so he was playing, dad was coaching, and i was cheering, all for the same team. it was a really neat year.

jen mccrady said...

hi there! thank you so much for commenting! i really think i may go back for my pretty woman moment :)


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