Monday, November 1, 2010

A blog dream come true!

So this past Friday, Bryan and I headed to Lorena for 2 things: #1 to watch Chandler's last home game, and #2 for me to host my best friend Kyrbie's baby shower on Saturday. It was going to be a fast trip because my husband, FIL, and BIL all had tickets to the World Series game #4 on Sunday and were coming in from Shreveport, so we had to head back Saturday after the shower.

Now back to the point of this post! As we were driving, I of course was on my iPhone checking Facebook and boy am I glad I did! I got a notification that my friend Erin had posted on my wall. So, I looked on my wall and saw this message, "Hey girl! Are you possibly going to the Lorena game tonight? I think we're going and I was going to see if you'd be there to "meet."

What?! How cool was it that we hadn't been to a Lorena game all month and this was the night we were actually going to be there! I of course wrote her back, told her I'd love to, and we exchanged numbers! I was all excited and told my husband that I was FINALLY going to meet one of my blog friends. He didn't really get it, but was still happy for me!

Erin and I met at the football game and spent most of the 2nd half talking and catching up! It was so fun and felt like we'd known each other forever! We have so many crazy connections! We had a blast. I'm so glad that I finally got to meet one of my blog friends! God is so cool when He arranges things like that! Erin, it was so great to "meet" you and I can't wait to hang out again in the future!

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jen mccrady said...

i TOTALLY saw you girls at spice!!! i thought that was such a cute baby shower! so funny all the connections we have! :)


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