Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Moss Christmas!

This year we spent Christmas with the Moss family! Bryan and I drove down to Shreveport that Tuesday because my mother-in-law was having hip surgery on Wednesday. Tuesday night the whole family went out to eat at the brand new Cheddar's that opened in Shreveport! We had to wait a little while, but the food was great and we had a wonderful time! On Wednesday, Mom's surgery was a success and Bryan and I went up to the hospital to visit her after our super yummy lunch at Newk's! Mom was up that afternoon walking rounds on her floor and was released Thursday afternoon. Friday was Christmas Eve, so we all got dressed up and went to the service at Calvery. We went home, had football food, and watched my all time favorite Christmas movie, White Christmas!

Christmas morning, we all woke up and waited to be called downstairs to open presents. Bryan's family has a tradition of waiting at the top of the stairs until Mom and Dad call you down! ;) Please forgive our appearances!

 Granny getting ready to open her gifts!
 yay for a new Sonicare!
 Mom's excited about her pedicure!
 Yay for my Vera Bradley!
 Um, can you tell he's excited about the gun Colby gave him?! ;)
 yes, I'm a nerd, but I was very excited about my new combo trimmer!

 Rachel opening her gifts!
 stick 'em up Sarge or he'll shoot!
 Bryan's stocking
 Colby and his stocking
 Rachel and hers
 my temporary stocking! ;)

After we opened gifts, we lounged around the house until that afternoon. We then began to help Dad cook dinner and get ready for that night. Bryan was very excited to be frying his turkey!
 We had a wonderful, Christmas break and relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the week with the Moss family!

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The Conway's said...

Looks like you had a successful the picture of everyone waiting at the top of the stairs.


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