Monday, April 25, 2011

28 years young! :)

Guess who had a birthday today?! Yep, it was yours truly! I am 28 year young today! :) I honestly don't feel 28 at all; however, I'm getting to that point where I have to ask myself, wait, how old am I? ;)

This weekend in honor of my birthday/Easter we had all of my family up to visit. And yes, I said ALL of my family! All 8 of them, so we had a grand total of 11 people in my house! We had a great time together filled with BBQ, shopping, watching tv, eating at the Harbor, and amazing Easter service, a yummy lunch, birthday cookie cake and presents, and a Ranger's game!

Today was my actual birthday and I had a great day! My coworkers got me Chick-fil-A for lunch (my fav!) and my students got me some sweet gifts and cards! We went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse tonight with Jacque, Jason, and Jillian and they gave me the new Taylor Swift and Sugarland c.d! Can't wait to listen to them! Jillian also got me a sweet card and some super cute stationary! After dinner, we went to Dairy Queen for a baby blizzard and just spent time catching up! When we got home, my sweet hubby gave me some beautiful pink roses, an iTunes gift card, and a gift certificate for a massage! I definitely can't wait to use that! I'll post pictures tomorrow of all my loot, so be looking for it! ;) 
In honor of my big day, I thought I'd post some baby pics! Yes, that's me, rocking out my super awesome hair, and no I'm not a boy! :)

Here's Grandpa feeding me cake and ice cream on my first birthday!

Seriously, how could you not love that pouty face?!
visiting the goats with Mama and Papa!
I had a wonderful day, and am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family!


ty said...

Happy, happy birthday! You were the most precious little baby!

Tyly said...

Happy birthday!! I'm glad you were surrounded by loved ones to make it so special! :)

The Conway's said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! Loved all your baby sweet!


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