Tuesday, April 5, 2011

to highlight or not to highlight....

that is the question!

So the other day husband and I were having a big fight discussing the fact that I REALLY did not appreciate that he told me that he wanted to shave a goatee (which I hate) but I asked him to please wait until the following week because we were going to be taking pictures that weekend and wanted him to have his beard in these and he agreed to do so.

*If I haven't mentioned this before, I love, love, love, my husband with a beard. I believe it is his best look, makes him look his age, and oh so handsome! Any other facial looks however, I pretty much despise! He knows this and has basically grown used to wearing a beard for the entire part of our dating/marriage relationship. At times though, he does become a bit rebellious and throws a fit saying that he "doesn't like the beard" and "it's too itchy" or "too hot". Soon after that he shaves his entire face or does the detested goatee for a short time, until my whining and complaining convinces him to give me the beard back!

But anyways, back to what I was saying.

So the next morning, we're in the bathroom, getting ready for work. I'm putting on my makeup and he's trimming his beard before he gets into the shower. He normally trims his beard, or shaves his neck in the mornings, so this is all a normal routine. Do you know what is NOT normal? Me casually glancing over at him to see that he has JUST SHAVED OFF HIS ENTIRE BEARD!!!! Then that's when you would have heard a little something that goes like this:
B- "What are you talking about?"
C- "You just shaved your beard off!!!"
B- "Yeah? So?"
C-"Do you not remember the conversation that we JUST had last night about this and you said that you were NOT going to shave it until next week???!!!"
B- "Uh, not really. What's the big deal?"
C-"You KNOW I don't like it!"
B- "It's not that big of a deal!"
C-"Yes it is! You know how I feel about it."
B-"It's my facial hair!"
C-"Yes, but I have to look at it every day!" (so I maybe should not have gone there..ooops)
B-"Oh! So you're saying I'm ugly?!"
C-"No, I didn't say that. You just know I like your beard best. And you didn't even talk to me before you shaved it!"
B- "So I have to ask you every time I want to shave or change my facial hair?!
C-"No, but it would be nice if you just talked to me about it before you actually did it!"
B-"Well, what about YOUR hair?"
C- "What about my hair?!"
B-"I don't like it!"
B-"That red. I hate that red that you put in it. It doesn't look normal and I don't like it!"
C- "Fine! I won't do it again!"

(P.S. Props to you if you're still reading! ;)

Anyways, long story short, we made up and were fine! The point of this whole post is, soon I will be making a trip to my hairdresser for my normal cut and color. However, since that last fight  discussion with my hubby, I'm wondering what I should do about my color. See, for most of my hair coloring career, I have always gone dark. Once upon a time, I experimented with some highlights, but that lasted a short while and I moved on. My hairdresser and I have always thought that dark brown always looked best on me. I started adding a little red to my dark brown over the past year or so and have loved that. It's not really dramatic, but looks pretty when the sun shines on it! However, my husband does not agree. He keeps begging me to put highlights back in. So, now that I'm stumped, I'm asking your opinion. Which do you like best?

hello highlights!

This is Bryan's favorite picture of me with the highlights and it's the one he's always talking about!

This is more recent over the past year when I started adding red to my dark hair..even though you really can't tell
You can also refer to my blog profile picture! ;) Ok ladies, what do you think?!


clw said...

Do the highlights! Why not! You only live once :)

Plus, they make you look like Martina Mc Bride...which is like, a very good thing!

Amber said...

Bahahaha...okay...I'm not laughing at you. It's just my husband and I have fought over the exact same thing. His hair and my hair. Too funny!

To be honest, I like the highlights. I think they add a softness to your face. :)

Glad you and hubby made up!!!

JMMSchoenfield said...

Well, I think you profile picture and your second picture (Bryans favorite) are my 2 favorites!

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

Too funny! I like you with the darker hair, but I am kind of partial to dark hair!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!


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