Sunday, November 13, 2011

Telling Bryan the big news..

That afternoon, Bryan and I both needed to go work up at school. The timing was perfect because I actually needed to go get a digital pregnancy test (because you know it's not official until you see the "pregnant" on the digital test). We left and I went to Walmart, bought my test, and went to school. I took it at school and sure enough, pregnant popped right up! This was the first picture I took! :)

I had an official smile on my face after reading that! I went home and thank goodness Bryan was still at work. I had just enough time to get my things together and plan out exactly how I was going to tell Bryan!
A few months before, I bought a Texas Ranger's baby onesie, a baseball mit, and a baseball. I wrote on the baseball, "Surprise! You're going to be a Daddy!" 8-20-11 (the date I found out I was pregnant). I placed the pregnancy test inside everything. I even got the camera out and practiced placing it and videoing exactly where I needed it.

We had already planned to have a date night, so everything worked out perfectly! Bryan got home and we both got ready to go out to dinner at our favorite, Texas Roadhouse. Before we left, I told Bryan that because he had been so wonderful to me and helping me lately, I got him a surprise! I made him sit on the couch and close his eyes. While he did that, I ran and got my present, and turned the camera on to record. Later, he tells me that he thought I had bought him an iPad! HA!

Once he opened the present and once he figured out what it was, he was so excited! There might have been a few tears shed (and not by me..ha!). He kept saying, "I'm going to be a Daddy!" After that, several pictures were taken!

You can see all of the pictures here

After all of the pictures were through, we got in the car and headed to dinner. Bryan asked me about 50 million questions about when I found out, how I planned everything, etc. We had a wonderful dinner that night and then celebrated by making our first trip to Babies R Us! We bought baby a super cute teddy bear that's now in his/her nursery!

It was the best night ever and we were so excited to start this new journey as parents! God is so good!

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