Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tomorrow's the big day!

Tomorrow we have our appointment to find out if Baby Moss is a BOY or a GIRL! I actually have my appointment with my OBGYN for Dec. 1st; however, that was the earliest they would schedule me and I frankly didn't want to wait that long! So, I made a separate appointment at La Bella Belly Spa! I found out that they will do a gender sonogram once you're 16 weeks and so I was sold!

I know this is the ONLY time that I will ever say this, but I pray that my baby decides to spread its legs tomorrow for everyone to see! :) Hopefully, if he/she is anything like his/her father, he/she will be anything but shy! ;)

People keep asking me if I have a feeling of what the baby is but I don't really know. I kinda think that it's a girl, but I'm sure it will probably be a boy! I don't really care though..just as long as he/she is healthy! :) I just can't wait to actually see my precious baby! It has been SO hard to wait so long to see a picture of my baby. Last time was at 8 weeks, so I know at almost 17 weeks it's going to look so much differently!


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