Thursday, August 1, 2013

Abigail by the Month! (15)

Abigail, today you turned 15 months old on August 1, 2013!

This is what you are currently doing:

  • You are still in some 12 month and 18 month clothes.
  • You are still in size 4 diapers.
  • Your 15 month stats were: head 19 in (thank goodness you were not OTC this time!) (95%), length 30.25 in (45%) and weight 24.4 lbs (75%)
  • You are such a good eater! This is what you will currently eat: any fruit we give you, some vegetables, any meat, but your favorites are mac & cheese, squash and spaghetti! 
  • You have 6-7 oz of whole milk at breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. You drink water all day with a little squirt of the calorie free gatorade.
  • You're still sleeping great from 7:00-7:30 p.m to 7:30-8 a.m. I take you to say goodnight to Daddy and then you just roll over in your bed and go to sleep! I'm so thankful for that!
  • You still like your paci but only use it when you fall asleep or get really upset (which is rare).
  • You are officially walking everywhere and getting into everything! You LOVE making messes!
  • You love playing peek-a-boo, pat-a-cake and when we chase you. You're funny when playing pat-a-cake because you grab whatever adult that is playing with you's hands, and then YOU have to hold them and clap. You are the one in charge and that's how it works!
  • You are still unfortunately throwing fits when things don't go your way, or we don't let you do what you want, but it's getting better. You definitely know what a spanking means and are doing better with making good choices! We've had to work with you on hitting in the face.
  • You are doing better with being afraid of the vacuum cleaner. At least now you will sit in the same room and not cry, but you normally stare at it and then crawl away. Do you know what you're also afraid of we recently found out? Firecrackers and balloons. It's the popping noise. :(
  • Bows in your hair? What bows?
  • You still love going outside. Since it's been summer time, Mommy and Daddy have time to take you on walks in your stroller and you love this!

  • You still do not like to have your diaper changed! 
  • Your favorite thing is to play in the bathroom and take everything out of all Mommy's drawers. You also have unfortunately learned to play in the toilet and unroll all the toilet paper. Gross! Mommy & Daddy have to make sure and close the bathroom doors every time! This week Daddy accidentally left the bathroom door open and you dropped one of his old phones in there. Thank goodness it was an old one!
  • You are still the queen of the cheesy grin and I absolutely LOVE it!
  • You are so cute when Daddy gets home from work. You can't wait to see him! You cry when he leaves though! :(
  • You are "talking" all the time, nonstop! These are the words you can say: mama, dada, mommy, daddy, hurry (only said once), hi (only said about 2-3 times), eyes, and no.
  • You listen and follow directions very well.
  • You will smile and wave at strangers, or really anyone, like it's your job!
  • You got hand, foot, and mouth this summer unfortunately! :( 

  • You started walking at 13 months and haven't stopped since!
  • You love opening all the cabinets and taking everything out and you love the dishwasher!
  • Your favorite songs are: "You Are My Sunshine", "You Are So Beautiful", "The Alphabet Song" and when we randomly count numbers aloud.
  • You have a baby doll that you carry around a lot and you love her! I see you often giving her her bottle and hugging/patting her sweetly.
  • We found out that you're allergic to peanuts/peanut butter. Very scary!
  • You will sometimes take two naps, but are pretty much down to one nap a day. Normally it's not too bad because you're pretty happy all the time! 
  • You LOVE music! Your daddy and I think it's hilarious, but we can turn on the t.v and play the theme songs to "The Pioneer Woman" and "Gilmore Girls" and you automatically stop whatever you're doing, stare at the t.v and then start shaking your booty! Sooooo cute!
  • You're not a big fan of dogs after you had one bark in your face, but you don't start crying when you see one anymore. :)
  • You love to "help" Mommy with the laundry! 
  • You love the pool! We got you a pool floatie but only used that once or twice and then refused to use it any more! You think you can swim and want to be independent!
Baby girl, it is such a joy to watch you growing up! You are getting so big that sometimes Mommy can't stand it! I know that I can't stop time, but sometimes I wish I could. You are so precious and I know that God has great things planned for you sweet girl. Every stage with you gets better and better! I love you Abigail Morgan!

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Goggans Party of 5 plus Lainey said...

I think of all the babies we are around and she has changed the most! Such a sweet little personality!!!


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