Thursday, July 18, 2013

1st Trip to the Zoo!

We went to visit Nana & Papa last week and Nana decided to take us to the zoo! This would be Abigail's 1st trip to the zoo so we were really excited! We got up early because we knew it was going to be very hot and wanted to go before it got too hot. We had to go during baby girl's nap time, but she was a trooper for most of it! :) We went to the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco. I have never been there before but it was nice and small. We were very impressed with everything they had and we'll definitely be back! Abigail had a lot of fun and got to see lots of animals. She got a little fussy at the end, but had a blast!
 All ready to go!

 This seemed to be a common theme at the zoo! Everyone was taking a snooze!
 I love that face she's making! It looks like she saw something absolutely terrifying! However, I'm pretty sure it was just a little fish. Haha!
 I'm not sure who had more fun..Bryan or Abigail! ;)
 Of course we had to get a shot of Abigail and the leopards! ;) Go Lorena!
 Cobra snake anyone?!
 Looking at the giraffes with Daddy!
 So pretty!

 My whole world!

I didn't know this, but my mom told me that this was a sycamore tree. She said we had to take a picture of Abigail sitting under the tree so when she grew up and heard the Bible story of Zacchaeus she would know what a sycamore tree looked like! We had a great time at the zoo. Thanks for taking us Nana! 

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