Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Abigail Videos

I thought I'd update some videos that I've taken of Abigail recently that are my favorites! She's such a little stinker! Love you baby girl!

In this video, Mommy accidentally left the tissue box to close to her reach. It's true when they say if you don't hear anything coming from your child, it normally means trouble! Thank goodness it wasn't so bad this time! I walked around the corner of my bed and found this! Ha!

This is this video of the first time Abigail walked by herself! She did it right in front of my eyes, and thankfully I was able to grab my phone and get it on video the second time! P.S. Please excuse the mess in the background. Someone was playing in Mommy's drawers and making a big mess!

This is from when we went to Shreveport and stopped by Gram's and Pop's gym. Daddy got out a special trampoline that was just Abigail's size and she LOVED it!

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