Saturday, July 13, 2013

4th of July 2013!

We celebrated the 4th of July with our friends the Jones family! We went over to Amanda's mom's house around lunch and had burgers and swam in their pool. Abigail loved it! She's such a water baby!

 She also had her first "hamburger" and ate a whole beef patty, along with lots of other stuff! I couldn't believe it! We went home that afternoon and took a nap and rested before going back over to Amanda's house. We played outside on the swing and had yummy pulled pork for dinner. Abigail had fun just crawling on the grass and investigating everything!

It was getting dark and time for fireworks so we got everything ready.

We sat outside and Amanda's neighbors had already starting shooting off some roman candles. Abigail really isn't afraid of much, but unfortunately, we found out that she's definitely afraid of fireworks! :( Anytime she heard one go off, she grabbed me and started crying. We didn't know if she was really afraid of them or if it was a combination of her not having her normal naps that day and it being way past her bed time! We decided to stick it out and she got a little better. Abigail fell asleep on me for a while and then woke up later when we decided to go home. Poor baby..she was a trooper though! Overall, we had a really great time. Abigail definitely had fun because she slept in the next morning until almost 10:00! Bryan and I couldn't believe it! Hopefully next year she'll enjoy the fireworks a little bit more! ;) Here's a picture of last 4th of July and this year. How things have changed! Can't wait until next year! :)

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The Granberrys said...

She is just so beautiful!!!


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