Monday, November 18, 2013


This was obviously written a while back, but I didn't get time to publish it. Oh well! Better late than never! ;)

Well, I'm finally finding a spare minute to sit down and update the blog! It seems that those are few and far between lately!

We are beginning our third week of school and I'm happy to report that things are going pretty good! We're all pretty much into our new schedules and I think I have a pretty good class this year! We had a few moments our first two weeks, but hopefully those will be better next week!

Our back to school pictures! Someone wasn't focusing much in my picture!
Much better for Daddy!
Abigail has loved going back to Mrs. Tracy's and is doing great! Bob and Willa came to visit us last weekend because Dad had a conference in Austin to go to, so he dropped Mom off on her way. She was very nice to watch Abigail for us on Friday while we were at school. Abigail and Mom had a great time hanging out, going on walks, doing laundry, and taking naps!

Abigail got her first back to school runny nose so that wasn't fun, but thankfully it's gone now!

Bryan and I made plans this weekend to go on a date, so we called up our babysitter Danielle and went out last night! We had a great time!

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