Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Letters to Me

Today while we were driving into Shreveport and turned on the road to Bryan's parent's neighborhood, I remembered something that happened when we were dating. I always think about it when we come back and if I could write a letter to me back then, this is what I would say.

Dear Chelsey,
It really doesn't matter where the family eats lunch today. I know that you already ate Mexican food last Sunday after church and you want to eat something different, but you'll survive. I know that you don't like the restaurant Posados but everyone else does, so get over it. I know that you're super picky about food, but it's not that big of a deal. Chelsey, both your family and Bryan's family are all together eating this lunch! Don't make a big scene. Getting into your first big fight over a restaurant choice is not how you want to start things off with Bryan and your's relationship. Oh, and another thing, trying to act like you're not pissed off when you really are doesn't fool anyone. They ALL can tell and you ignoring Bryan the entire time because your mad at him is VERY obvious! Seriously, how old are you 15 or 25?! 

Your little tirade will make the whole meal uncomfortable, then cause even more problems after lunch. Oh and don't think you're going to get off easy thinking you're the only one who's mad. Bryan will get very mad at your immature behavior, and well, he has every right. He has the right to yell at you and be hurt and mad and a lot of other things. Yes, he'll say some hurtful things to you, but you were the one who created this situation…over food…FOOD!!!

It's a good thing that Bryan can't stay mad at you for a long time and forgives very easily. It's also a good thing that he was house sitting for that family friend and you had the chance to sit down and consider everything that happened. It's also a good thing that you realized how big of a brat you'd just been. Thinking about your behavior literally will make you cry and apologize to Bryan for how you acted. You will beg his forgiveness and thankfully he gives it to you. You are then sick to your stomach because you realize that you now have to leave and go home. You realize how much time you just wasted instead of having a pleasant afternoon with the man you think you're falling in love with. That's how you chose to spend it? By throwing a fit over the restaurant choice? Such a stupid choice. 

Chelsey, remember this day and try not to make the same mistake again in the future. I have a feeling that you'll probably still be a pain in the butt about food and super picky, but hopefully not this bad. Next time, when the family chooses to go somewhere you aren't fond of, put a smile on your face and have a good attitude! Trust me, you'll be glad you did! :)

P.S. A few years down the road, please remember it is NOT the end of the world when you go to Panda Express in Shreveport and they tell you that they do not serve salt. I know, most every normal restaurant in the world carries both salt AND pepper, but evidently some don't! I know, your own Panda Express in Rockwall carries salt for their customers, but the Shreveport one doesn't! It will all be ok. You will be able to eat the rice without salt on it. I know, it won't taste as good, but you won't die. Just start carrying around little salt packets in your purse so you'll be prepared in case this happens again in the future. Instead of making a big scene again with your husband, you won't have anything to worry about because you can just pull your own salt out of your purse and problem solved! :)

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The Granberrys said...

Oh my gosh! I'm cracking up! The letters I could write to myself over the same ridiculous stuff...


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