Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Goooooo Jason!

(First of all, don't forget to scroll down and read the rest of my posts today..I've been a posting fool!)

I'm proudly bragging on my American Idol fav tonight...none other than Jason Castro! If you haven't read this post, go back and read it and you'll understand. I was soooo excited tonight that he did so well (which I knew he would..duh!) but more excited about the awesome comments he got from all the judges! ESPECIALLY SIMON! Hopefully you watched tonight's episode, but if not, search him on youtube.

In case you missed it, here are some of the super comments he got tonight!

Randy said :" Great level of difficulty...I give you props for coming out without the guitar."

Paula said : "You made it sound effortless and with ease....you are unique and definitely recognizable!"

Simon said: "I thought it was absolutely brilliant...probably one of my favorite performances of the whole night..your strongest so far..you are getting better and better and better!"

And I said :"WHOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!" while clapping and yelling very loudly!

Man, it was a great AA night! The guys all did amazing! Make sure you go and vote people..and you better be voting for Jason! ;0) I know I am!

Also, if you would like to check Jason out a little more, watch his videos here! One of the things that I love best about him, (other than the fact that he has an amazing voice and sweet guitar skills) is that he's a Christian man who's in love with the Lord! He's such a servant and glorifies God with the abilities that he's been given! What a testimony!

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